Artist for hire, no payment required for now.



Legend of Zelda: Lost Isle

Wow...Spambots like a mofo.

Balmung Cycle Part I: The Messenger and the Heretic

Is an Episode 2 planned for release in the near future?

Amulet of Fate

This is the second of your games that I've subscribed to today.

Legend of Zelda: Origin


Alvorada do Mal

Damn...I don't have the patience to switch back and forth to babelfish and play the game at the same time...I'd need like, two computers! But it looks damn awesome. I'm subscribing for just that particular reason.

Tales from Zilmurik IV

What can I say? This game looks promising. Keep up the good work, sir.

Mine Sweepers

I'm still scratching my head as to how you were green lighted even though only one of your three screenshots actually gives us any clue about the game. Please add more screens. The ones you gave us look so...empty.

The Frozen World

Why was this canned?

Beloved Rapture

Will we be seeing another demo soon? If you're looking for beta testers, I would like to volunteer.
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