Artist for hire, no payment required for now.



Cosplay Crisis

Wait, so the main characters are cosplayers? WIN!

Dæmonium: The Fallen Angel

After reviewing the screens I have only a few criticisms. First the characters have mostly Japanese names except for Vain. Now this could be because Vain is a foreigner in Japan. There's also the name of the company Arch Co., which, again, if it is a foreign establishment on Japanese soil then it would be understandable.

There's also a lot of history screens with text and that is okay only if you're not bombarding the player with history at the beginning of the game. And please, please make sure to give credit to Gustave Dore and Guido Reni for using their works in your game. They are dead, yes, but it's not proper to use someone else's art without properly acknowledging them.

Alcarys Complex

This looks sweet. All the graphics are custom? If not, it still looks great but if so, then kudos to you guys.


This game looks remarkable! I'm very excited to see it move forward. The characters have wonderful names and bios and the screenshots you've given us are very intriguing! Keep up the good work, sir!

Phantom Legacy (Part 1)

I loved Demon Legacy Nightblade but there was always one tiny thing that bothered me. RPG Maker 2003's battle system had a tendancy to play animations and then process the damage information meaning that long animations would take forever to play even though the damage had already been displayed. I noticed that this carried through to your game. I was wondering if you had fixed that for Phantom Legacy and if you could tell me how you did it? The only solution I've come up with is to create tedious battle events to offset this.

Final Fantasy: The Phoenix Prophecies

Alright. Here's some motivation: this game will be much better than that French FF Fangame--Final Fantasy Zero or whatever. The half hour demo you have is already five times better than the crap that I got when I downloaded FFZ.
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