Eternal Soul ~ First Arc

First of all, thank you very much for your interest to this game. The other part ~Final Arc unfortunately is still in idea exploration staging. I will try to finish the story in 2022, hopes this can finally completed.

Release Something! Day III: Demo Day Edition [June 20th, 2008]

sign me Up to.

I want to make a sidestory with my past game, The Legend of Wilterra (RM2k).

The new game is The Legend of Wilterra: Shrouded Destiny by RMVX.

Release Something! Day III: Demo Day Edition [June 20th, 2008]

May I submit what has already released?
If so, I submit Eternal Soul for this RS!Day.

Projekt Soul: Eternal Soul

the first two links are from my country's server, maybe it doesn't work because you are not from Indonesia?

if so, I attach the file to my geocities for the third link.
please wait a brief until the link is approved by the admin and you may download.

Please give some critics, we owe you our thanks.

Projekt Soul: Eternal Soul

for Davenport:
I test the link, and it's okay. (www.indowebster.com)
Anyway, if you can't do that, try the direct link (ftp)

Projekt Soul: Eternal Soul

okay, I'll try to make the it more readable.
anyway, I attach the download link.

hope to see some reviews, thank you.

Port Laray Screen(Big).PNG

I like the charsets. They are like... mature.

Guardia(New) Screen Test 10.PNG

the mapping is fairly good.

Switch Charcters

anyway, just switch the characters with add/remove heroes function.
I had done this before, in battle event make prerequirement for 5x turns then just remove and add heroes. it's for a simple like mine though.
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