[RM2k3] Using MP3

How to use MP3? I copy the exact file from Alter Alia (RM2k3) just to test it out.

I could hear the music from the test (inside the RM2k3), but when I test playing it (F9) or even double-clicking the RPG_RT.exe, the music couldn't be heard.

So, what I have to do to use MP3?
(because I have a music cost 900kb in WAV compared to 300+kb in MP3)

How to download game?

How to download a game? I come over to download tab, but is written. And can I sort only the completed game? or sort by rating?

Need help for RAcing game

I want to make a racing game, the car is at the center of the screen (think of NeedForSpeed, Burnout, or others). The problem is I want to make it in 2d, not 3d. How could I make the screen "move" towards the player, not the car moves?

Thanks in advance


How to distribute a game that playable without RTP? So people who didn't have RMXP could play my game.
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