Princess Princess Episode 1.5 Download

Ahahah ok here's some suggestions XD
Since hide tags can't hide youtube vids I'm just going to link them outside OTL

Kid's equipment, Clear Light, should be unequipped to win against the Goddess. Since she uses Black element against you, that's why he dies so fast.

Strategy #1

Use Tyrfling at the start of the battle.
Defend and Keep throwing Ruby Roses at the goddess/Use Little Meteor
Keep Making Kid use chocolate nuggets on himself
If low on HP Defend then Serenade Bell. This will make Sairen always go first.
Once Kid's TP is 100 use Akasha.
Phantasmagoria should activate around Turn 5/6 when you used it.
Boss would be dead by Turn 5 if you did it right.

Not so lucky in this vid but it still ended xD

Strategy #2

Check Sairen Equipment, Look at Tyrfing's Description. If Contract is around 30s or so you should be safe.

Use Quick Slash and healing as second command. If she counters, try again and pray she doesn't counterattack again. If she counters twice, stop.

Spam chocolates at Kid. Use Akasha if possible.

Here's video of strategy 2:

Hope that helps! I'm glad you enjoyed the game <3

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! /)(^-^)(\ I Was able to defeat her and now I shall claim my prize!!

Princess Princess Episode 1.5 Download

This is a really Great Game!! I wish it could have been longer though XD
But I keep getting trouble with the Final Boss...she's so damn frustrating >.<
I try to keep following Gourd_Clae's Strategy but in the end I always die...
Any suggestions?/Tips for this battle? I just really want to know what's inside the Freebies XD
Keep up the good work btw
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