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[RMVX ACE] Sixth's Battle QTE - frozen without restart?

I'm glad you found it. Yeah, I found those switches and variables - and I think I cleaned that up. It works pretty well about 90% of the time.

I am looking into cache clearing scripts right now. I think there may be some memory issue when it calls the icon from the iconset. You might've noticed, it loads icons to show the direction of the QTE button press. And I'm using the big-ass iconset that has made the rounds for years. (I know I know, tsk tsk, it has rips in it.) And I think, as it is loaded and loaded and loaded, it's eating my memory.

That's the only reason I can think that something might not work. But if you close it, reopen it, and start at the same place it will work. A script issue would give me a crash and a report - this is something different.

[RMVX ACE] Sixth's Battle QTE - frozen without restart?

It was a new game. And this has been after a year or so having these scripts in my game, so I didn't think it was that kind of thing. Or something like forgetting to save before doing a test.

I ended up narrowing the issue down to a particular cutscene. Before the scene it worked. After the scene it didn't. The scene wasn't particularly complex - just some dialog, a variable reference, and a switch or two. But I ended up deleting the entire sequence: remade the map, deleted the events, remade the dialog, etc. And now it works!

I think it may have something to do with variable use. Or switch 33 or 32. Like the script uses those switches and the instructions don't mention it? I'm now leaving variable 5, switch 33, and switch 32 blank and it seems to work.

I have no idea why. It would be great to know! But in the meantime, at least I got it to work.

EDIT: Well, nevermind all that stuff above. Yes, I seemed to have fixed one issue. But it gets frozen up a few scenes later. In fact, it seems that if any cutscene has any transfer event it will freeze up until I save, shut down the window, reopen, and load the save. Then it works again.

It's annoying, but I guess I'll just have to tell players to save and reset if they have this problem. I have no idea how to fix it. But I like this mechanic too much to drop it.

[RMVX ACE] Sixth's Battle QTE - frozen without restart?

I've got a pretty complex problem, but I'm hoping someone has some experience with this and could steer me the right way...

I am using Sixth's Battle QTE, which also requires the following scripts:
Bitmap Extension

I have to be honest, I don't know what these things do. But I put them in the script editor in order and everything works. The problem is that the QTE in-game will sometimes not register key presses. But if you save, close, open, and load - it will work again. Has anyone dealt with this battle qte system before? Is there an order to these scripts or edits I need?

RMN site help - direct url and download statistics?

Will games downloaded this way add to the download count? I'm guessing no.

Oh? I was thinking yes...

I'd say we'd see, except I couldn't get to work with the direct link url either. Oh well, gave it a shot.

RMN site help - direct url and download statistics?

This isn't game related. Instead, it is site related:

1) Is there a way to get a direct url for the download file of a game you upload to the site? The only reason I ask is because I also posted my game on and it lets me put a direct url download link (as opposed to uploading it up to itch). I would much rather just upload to rmn and steer itch to my file here. Mostly because rmn is "my home" but also because I have to update two websites whenever I make an change to my game.

2) Is there a way to get download statistics for my game? Downloads per day? Per week? Is there a button somewhere I'm missing?

[RMVX ACE] Resolutions and full screen

Yes, 640x480 is the limit as far as I know, although you can make it "fullscreen" which just upscales everything. That can make things very pixelated, if that bothers you.

Is it common? Pretty common to bump it up to 640x480... There are some good scripts that are commonly used that bump it up automatically.

I've found some display-related scripts are made for the default dimensions and freak out at 640x480 without going under the hood and fixing it. But generally, nothing really messes it up. You just have to expand your battlebacks and your maps to fit.

Is it normal to be blurry at full screen? Yes.
Is it my computer? Nope - it's just like that.
Is there a script that makes things crisp? Nope... that would be cool, though.
Does changing Windows resolution help? Hmmn, never tried. Maybe someone else knows that one?
Is there anything I can do or is an accepted downside? It's an accepted downside and a major reason why full screen is considered a major feature for MV; this was considered an improvement over vxace.

[Review Request]

Name: At Last Alone: Risen
Status: Completed
Genre: Tactical RPG
Estimated length: 60-90min.
Small description: A team of heroes investigates the disappearance of a small village and has to fight their way to safety.
Special requests: This was made for IGMC and I was really proud of it, considering there haven't been many isometric tactical RPGs made (especially ones that are complete). And it has been completely ignored... Few downloads. Very few comments. One negative LP from a notoriously grumpy youtuber who admitted to not liking tactical rpgs as a general rule. No feedback from IGMC judges and no votes in any category. I can't tell if it's not attracting interest because it's hard, broken, boring, etc. Or if it's a fine game and it's just one of those games that's flown under the radar for all the reason's in Kentona's recent article (it wouldn't be the first time I've been accused of being not interesting! :D ). Any insight would be great! Thanks!


Representing RMN! (also r/rpgmaker, where I'm a mod... so, two places?)
And it's up!

I submitted the game here, but it's still pending. Hopefully the page can go up here in the next few days.

[RMVX ACE] Need a play tester for my IGMC game...

Hi! I need a playtester for my IGMC game. Just someone to find any gamebreaking bugs, stupid passability errors, broken enemies/skills/abilities, and typos/crimes against grammar.

My game page hasn't been approved yet, but I think it's in pretty good shape. It's already been tested once at a IRL game circle, but for only 20 minutes.

It's a tactics game made in VXACE, which is kinda unique.

Since it's for the IGMC contest, time is of the essence... I can PM you a link to a download.

[RMVX ACE] Looking for face generators and sprite generators

Yeah, the avatar generator may not work for lots of characters...
As for the sprites: No, they are taller. So you'd have to use doors that are 2 tiles high. But aside from that, they mesh pretty well.