At Last Alone: Canyon of...
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Super Candyland Cousin Adventure

In other news I finished up my Let's Play for this game. I sacrificed episodes I had originally planned for Suikoden III and V in order to push this series. Of course, this was more due to time constraints than anything else. Since, I've been trying to match my planned episode count for the month at the vary least. Of course, that means I've been working on 9 - 10 videos a day the last couple of days.

Thankfully things will be a bit easier tomorrow (today where I'm at considering it's after Midnight) is only six videos long.

Thanks for putting a video up! It's always fun watching someone play your game!

Super Candyland Cousin Adventure

I'll be blunt in saying the highly loose controls just kill this game in my opinion. After all, I'm constantly finding myself needing to move back and forth on the controls to prevent my character from slipping off the sides of platforms. Thankfully you don't take any fall damage, but that doesn't make the sloppy controls any more bearable. Since you'll be taking plenty of damage from accidentally ramming into enemies, falling on spikes, and so on.

It also would have been a good idea to go over the basic controls near the start of the game as well. Since, I didn't even realize I had access to a dash button while in mid-air until half way through a stage when I accidentally hit the button for it.

And, it would probably be a good idea to explain how to get to items behind the screens as well. Since, it's impossible to collect the books without that information. And, it's not like you can revisit stages in order to get them later.

Thanks for giving the game a download and trying it out!

I agree that the characters are a little slippy and floaty. You know, I could never really figure out how to fix that with the platformer plugin settings. I would encourage anyone who wants to give making a platformer with the TMJumpAction plugin a try to let me know if they can figure out how to make things less floaty and slippy.

Since Super Candyland Cousin Adventure is the only full game I've seen made with the plugin, I'm hoping people can download it and look under the hood and use it to make their own platformers even better.

Naima's Melody

I've been following this game since the early days and have always been impressed by the level of polish and obvious love with which it's been developed. We all understand IRL issues and the hiatus status - it happens to us all. I hope your IRL issues iron out soon.

At Last Alone: Canyon of Fires

Hello, I just wanted to drop a note saying just how much I enjoyed playing this game that I recently downloaded.
No crashes, no moments of extreme frustration causing me to give up, and best of all...
It probably took me longer than most but still I didn't need no stinkin' guide.
Thank you.
Is their a way to make a modest donation?
You and your team deserve it.

Life is funny, isn't it? I was having the absolute worst day yesterday and your message really helped brighten my day! Thanks so much for playing the game and enjoying it! That makes me incredibly happy!

I don't have a donation system set up, although you can officially purchase the game on gamejolt if you'd like. But a modest donation to help with the Australian wildfires would be even better. If you really want to go above and beyond, I would encourage you to follow my composer on instagram - he was a dream to work with and incredibly talented.

Inherited Sins

Saw your latest blog post. Have you been having effectus issues, too? I am finding more conflicts with it than normal and the people that made it have disappeared. It's really frustrating.

At Last Alone: Canyon of Fires

it was the final city. it worked now, so i finished it. i did notice the inn error and some other stuff not fixed but ok. not sure if i'll do the 1st 2 games. maybe in worse shape?

If you'd like to share other things that aren't fixed, please do. You mentioned repeated crashes but I am unsure of where those where. Other things you mentioned were either design choices (not bugs) or up to personal taste.

It's up to you if you want to do the other two games. I can appreciate that you had some crashing/bug errors with this game that made it frustrating. Rescue at Moranthia is my first game and, while it seems to be stable and doesn't have too many bugs, is very "first game". Risen is a tactics game and, despite being stable, people don't tend to like tactics games. I wouldn't say they are in worse shape.

At Last Alone: Canyon of Fires

i started back at a save and crashed again killing monsters in the city streets. i killed some then hit one and got:
"script" effectus antilag' line 1587: nomethoderror occurred. undefined method 'viewport1' for nil:nilclass" (i didnt copy case). game crashed cant play.

hm, i'd at least think she could put up a fight, challenge them 2 on 2 or even 2 vs 1 (i'd probably win it...). and seemed they gave her up way too easy, when that nation would be next on the chopping block.

still crashing...

Well, this is frustrating for you I'm sure. Where exactly where you killing monsters? In the town in the first nation? In the other nation (at night)?

Effectus Antilag script can sometimes get hung up on certain sprites for no good reason. I uninstalled that script and put in a different one. Maybe that helps? I haven't tested the game with this new antilag script, so if there is a problem you find, please let me know.

At Last Alone: Canyon of Fires

ok thanks. are you sure you put up the latest version of the game (not sure if i got it from here or its own site) because i dont know how you could get past the missing georgie pic. the alacof.exe file i got is 482 mb, and some files in it are from 2014, 2015. the graphics/characters are all 2014.

also, i got lockpicks as a drop from maybe it was bandits. and npcs mention using and buying them. i kept thinking to find a thief character then gave up on it.

um, you could make the chests like magical traps put there that open a normal map like a dreamzone of sorts where the player has to do a puzzle and defeat a monster to unlock it... lol, a workaround where they take the role of a lockpick.

EDIT: crashed again, screen all black cant play. this time, its when go back to city after finishing in the other nation, and going to break Aly out of prison 2nd time, it did the rabbit fine but then when he was to do his comedy act it became black screen, cant play. not sure why since it worked fine the first time getting her. so now im stuck.

(ps, killing muffintop was as easy as 1 fire spell did them all in, no challenge at all.)

There was a file corruption that happened when I compressed the game for upload, it seems. I have fixed the sleeping georgie now.

Yes, changing the chest and having a new minigame would be nice. But I had to move on to other things. Now they're just out there. Yeah, it's a little out of character to open them up and take things. But it's also a well-worn rpg trope so I decided to settle with it for now. But I like your idea!

As for easy/redundant battles: Yes, this is common. I'm bad at planning skills. You do seem to be highly leveled to where you're at in the game, so you may be excelling a bit in this department. I should commend you on your battle prowess - not all players have it as easy.

As for the crash: Thank you, this is a bug I missed. You shouldn't be able to go back and break Alyseth out of prison a second time. I missed a self-switch here. I would suggest, once you land back in town after you leave the other nation, head up to the castle. I hope you have an older save before going to the inn.

If there are other bugs or hard crashes, please let me know. There are always things I've missed!

At Last Alone: Canyon of Fires

crashes at beginning of game when cant find sleeping georgie pic. i copied another pic (a coffin) and renamed it what was looked for and that fixed it so now it shows a coffin when it would show georgie sleeping (instead of crashing).

i dont know how to lower the water in the cave. how? maybe add some help to that?

i have lockpicks but yeah never a way to use them. one shop sells them too.

the chests randomly just giving huge cash just sitting around i dont like very unreal, and stealing is character inconsistent. there could be ways to get money without that problem, whatever.

and the monsters on the paths right next to people and settlements, could be more realistic ways to have monsters around, like specifically hunting party, but whatever. sorry you spent so much time making it (i quit making one because such time wasting was no good)

crashes when woman guard of secret village reappears and clicking her starts pull of village leader after already did that.

some other issues i forget.

a party order ability might be good like to match battle order. do the dex and agility buff items do the correct stats or swapped?

the divine deck booster seems to mostly just give commons (i clone it and opened a lot to see). advanced is the good one.

best items from cave are often ignored by "optimize" so bit of let down.

the fooj and stuff language of the one woman is a turn off for me not sure how it benefits the game her constant foul mouth, name calling, etc bad minded.

most of the abilities characters get i never use. especially due to using multiattacks. can end battles in like 2 rounds usually by just dumping multis. so very redundant battles. hit max lvl 15 before new continent and then is like huh i cant go anymore but still random fights.

just posted since want hint to lower water. i dont have an item to fit in the room with the statues. i didnt need the 1-6 huts or frog. the 7th station was instantly obvious to me just from its own question before i saw those.

i'll stop now, probably forgot some crashes

Sorry you're having so many crashing issues. I'll go back to see what the issues may be. I played through with the latest build and didn't have an issue.

The second switch is just as you walk in the left area. There are three little rock piles in a row - walk along them and into a hidden wall. Go up and you'll find the switch.

At Last Alone: Canyon of Fires

man, I wish i can make a 10 hour rpg, but im not even close. I think u got unlucky and some scripts happened to clash with each other, causing some unfixable problems.

Actually, I gotta apologize: Sorry, bicfarmer.

I was in a bad place last night and my skin was a little thinner than usual.

I'm actually glad you mentioned the crashing because I went back through and found the script problem. It spiked my lockpocking minigame... But a worthy sacrifice on the altar of gammak to make a game that doesn't crash every 3 battles.

So. Finally. A stable game. I played through the WHOLE THING. Not one crash.

Don't use fyxinput is all I can say.
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