At Last Alone: Canyon of...
A mad summoner is on the loose! Journey to stop him in this dark JRPG.



Super Candyland Cousin Adventure Review

Thanks so much for your review!

I know this game isn't much, but it was nice pressing RPGMaker into making a platformer and playing around with the platformer plugin.

I wanted to let you know that I was able to find a setting to reduce the slippiness. There's a tiny setting in the plugin that changes the friction of surfaces. The default setting is 0.001 and I found that raising it to 0.1 makes things a lot different. The jumps are still a little floaty... I'd love to hear a fix for that.

I should also note that my game was a tiny hit with my nieces, who range from 5 to 8. My nephew, who always wanted to play the robot first, had a really bad time since the robot is essentially "hard mode." But hey, for goofing around with on Christmas morning, the kids liked it fine. And my sisters, who were completely against video games prior to this, have really loosened up about it (I think quarantine has helped...) and the kids have moved on to some real games on their ipads! More gamers into the fold!

At Last Alone: Canyon of Fires Review

Thanks so much for your review!! I've had the game up for a while taking care of various bugs and fixes, so I'm glad you were able to review the most complete and bug-free version.

I will look at the Gary accuracy. It's always kinda fun to see what sticks with some people and doesn't with others.

Turns out that lockpicks don't run out on chests unless you break them. You can only break them by not picking the lock right. So it seems that you always picked the lock correctly! Nice job! Honestly, it was much MUCH harder to pick the lock correctly in previous versions. The "unlockable" noise was purposefully very similar to the "locked" noise", but testers were finding it too challenging and were opting to not open chests because it ceased to be fun. So chests are a little easier now.

As for the boss: All valid critiques, thank you. I was curious if you got the optional sword for Cal and vest for Georgie, after you place the skull in the alcove. Her sword is strong against all of the boss's forms and was meant to make the fight a little easier. Also, what level were you at?

Thanks again for your nice review and taking the time to play my game! :D

The Lost Demo Review

Are you allowed to star-rate demos?

At Last Alone: Risen Review

Also, as I think more about your review, I wanted to come back and say "thank you" for getting the juxtaposition between kitschy crab fest and the dark story tone. You're the first person to mention that. Made me smile. :D

Good luck on your kickstarter! Those are lots of work!

At Last Alone: Risen Review

No page up for it yet... I don't have the requisite screenshots needed to post it here. I have an instagram that is a devblog for it. I'm getting close to getting it done, though!

At Last Alone: Risen Review

Thanks so much for the review! Your comments are all very solid and I'm glad you found the world interesting! The tactics engine is finicky and balance has been a challenge... still much room for improvement! :D

While I still may revisit the tactics engine down the road, I wanted to let you know that I'm currently developing a more classic jrpg experience with many of the same characters and the same world.

At Last Alone: Risen Review

Thanks so much for your review!! It's exciting when someone plays your game and is invested enough to share their thoughts with the world!

You have some great points and suggestions. I'm glad you liked the characters and story overall, even if it was a bit short. The complexity of the battle system, the number of characters, skills, and enemies has been a major comment from just about everyone. This includes people on the internet as well as IRL people who have tested the game. It really does throw you into the deep end quickly. Thanks for sticking through it and for your thoughtful review!


Sorry to be a buzzkill, but just because your game is free doesn't mean that copywritten songs are okay to use under fair use law (at least in the USA). I've been burned by this in the past and have talked to a few lawyers.

If it's a free game and only gets a few hundred downloads, you probably won't make anyone too upset. But it's like speeding on the freeway... it's probably okay as long as a cop isn't behind you. But if someone wants to be a dick, they definitely can be.

Black Winter Review

Wait. Vagina Monster? How is this explained in the story?

At Last Alone: Rescue at Moranthia Review

Dude! Thanks so much for posting this over on RMN! I posted your original review on my game blog, but this makes it nicer since it's all in one place.
You're doing a great service reviewing all these games!
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