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[RMVX ACE] Sixth's Battle QTE - frozen without restart?

I've got a pretty complex problem, but I'm hoping someone has some experience with this and could steer me the right way...

I am using Sixth's Battle QTE, which also requires the following scripts:
Bitmap Extension

I have to be honest, I don't know what these things do. But I put them in the script editor in order and everything works. The problem is that the QTE in-game will sometimes not register key presses. But if you save, close, open, and load - it will work again. Has anyone dealt with this battle qte system before? Is there an order to these scripts or edits I need?

RMN site help - direct url and download statistics?

This isn't game related. Instead, it is site related:

1) Is there a way to get a direct url for the download file of a game you upload to the site? The only reason I ask is because I also posted my game on and it lets me put a direct url download link (as opposed to uploading it up to itch). I would much rather just upload to rmn and steer itch to my file here. Mostly because rmn is "my home" but also because I have to update two websites whenever I make an change to my game.

2) Is there a way to get download statistics for my game? Downloads per day? Per week? Is there a button somewhere I'm missing?

[RMVX ACE] Need a play tester for my IGMC game...

Hi! I need a playtester for my IGMC game. Just someone to find any gamebreaking bugs, stupid passability errors, broken enemies/skills/abilities, and typos/crimes against grammar.

My game page hasn't been approved yet, but I think it's in pretty good shape. It's already been tested once at a IRL game circle, but for only 20 minutes.

It's a tactics game made in VXACE, which is kinda unique.

Since it's for the IGMC contest, time is of the essence... I can PM you a link to a download.

[RMVX ACE] Battle QTE System and Lockpicking event conflict

Hey all!
I am currently using a Battle QTE Event script (details here) and I like it okay. Mostly, it's compliant with Battle Symphony, so I'm using it.
But I've been trying to get a lockpicking event/minigame set up (like skyrim). Someone made one for MV and it's pretty cool, so I reached out to him and he gave me the details to move it over to VXAce (check it out here). I was able to get it to work without the Battle QTE Event script, but when I add in the script, it breaks. I actually think it's not the QTE script itself, but the FyxInput script that it needs. And by "break" I mean that the graphic shows up, but pushing left and right on the keyboard does not rotate the lockpick like it should.

Can anyone help me? FyxInput is very complex and I don't quite understand how it could be affecting things. I've made a demo in VXAce to help. Download the zip.


I ended up getting help with this on another forum. If someone has a similar problem, you may want to check out this.

Collective nouns for RPG monsters?

I was writing some dialogue and I hit a quandary: What are the collective nouns for some common RPG monsters?

I found this, which is helpful.

But I need a collective noun for slimes! The closest I could find was a for slugs - "a phlegm of slugs" or "a cornucopia of slugs."

What should a collective noun for slimes be? for game music?

Are people familiar with the site? I guess Moby (the bald, vegan electronic music artist) lets some of his work get used for free for people's film projects.

Has anyone used his site for their game? Are you familiar as to whether game usage is okay? Or is it just for films?

I was going to poke around on the site and check it out, but if someone here is like, "Nah, dood. No dice," I won't waste my time.

HarmonQuest - who's watching it?

Is anyone watching HarmonQuest? It's about 3 people (and a guest star, so 4) people playing D&D and they've animated their adventure. Dan Harmon, who created Rick and Morty and Community, is one of the guys. And then there's a guest star that comes on for each episode.
As someone more drawn to fantasy rpgs (playing them and making them), I'm finding their adventure really entertaining. The animation is cute enough, but the dialogue and tropes they deal with are really well done. Their guest stars, so far, have kinda stunk though - that's the only complaint.
Anyway, it's on Seeso - but I doubt anyone has that rando service. They're all on youtube though.

Bravely Second?

Have people picked up Bravely Second? How do you like it? How does it compare to the first one? What are cool new job classes? Does it make sense to pick up the limited edition book/soundtrack?

I loved Bravely Default, so I'm almost for sure getting Bravely Second the next time I head to the store... Just seeing what others thought of it.

[RMVX ACE] Khas Lighting Effects - Tints?

I'm working with Khas Lighting Effects and, while I can get the lanterns and such to work, I can't seem to get any of the tint settings to work. This seems like an elementary issue... I can get the screen to darken with no problem (and the frame settings work, so it can darken in 60 frames), but none of the RGB settings work. What am I doing wrong?

I found this forum that talks about putting a setting to "false" - which I did. But it's still not working.

And I thought that maybe it was some script incompatibility - but I made a blank demo and it still isn't working. You can check out the demo here: Click!

Any ideas? Thanks!

EDIT: Well, it looks like I have again stumped the Help Boards here at RMN. So, for anyone else who has come across this problem, here's what I ended up doing:

I dumped Khas light effects! While I really liked it, and used it on previous projects, it just wasn't working out for this one. I didn't need really dark, spooky hallways. And KLE is so much more interesting when one is using the wall shadow settings - which I wasn't using. So I found that I could achieve the same effect by eventing my lighting. Which freed me up to do tinting using the built-in tinter. I have since found that the tinting built into KLE never worked anyway and this is slightly known. It was for the best, as KLE also introduced a LOT of lag into my larger maps; my evented candles/sconces/torches are much easier to deal with.

[RMVX ACE] Overlay Maps and Woratana's Fogs - not working

I'm having trouble getting Tsukihime's Overlay Map script to work well with Woratana's Fog script. I can get them both to work, but the fog doesn't show up on top of the overlay map - so the overlay map has no fog on it.
I made a little demo to illustrate it:
Click here!

Has anyone gotten these things to work together? I've made a number of overlay maps that form tops of walls and large buildings, so no fogs on them looks dippy. I'm stuck with either no fogs (meh, not ideal) or redesign my maps.

I wouldn't mind redesigning the maps, except my tall sprite cut through tops of tiles.

Edit: Seems I stumped everyone? Well, in case anyone else has this problem... I ended up dumping Hime's Overlay Maps. It's a cool script, but I found that just doing some limited parallax mapping and getting a "fix parallax" script worked just as well, even if organizing the switches for the overlay graphics was more complex. But at least the fancy fogs are working, as is my smooth camera script. On the whole, an improvement. It helped with lag, too!
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