How to make sliding bookcases, pillars, etc.

I already know how to do this, but I just wanted to comment that I think this kind of tutorial is very helpful and beginner Ozzy would've loved to know this when he first started playing around with RPG Maker.

My only bit of feedback would be to explain why you are using "!$" in the file name and why the file needs to be 96x256px in size. Keep up the great work!

Thank you Ozzy The One. I will address the explantation for the !$ Thanks again:)

Lesson 4: A Fetch Quest - Merte's RPG Maker VX Ace Video Tutorials

Great tutorial. Very thorough and not rushed. Easy to follow and duplicate.
One variation for the mushrooms would be to have them visible but not able to be picked until the quest starts. The only other thing in quests like this is after picking the mushroom and showing it is gone I would set the blank page to THROUGH.
Thank you for this tutorial:)
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