Details of Castle Greyrot

Shattered Hourglass: Steam Version!

I like your new page. Duran looks awesome!:)

Shattered Hourglass: Final Version

Fatal Stance is now 50 tp (was 50) ? No change.
Best news since 1.0.
With all the changes, I may just have to play them all, again!

Has the download button been updated?

Epic Quest Edition: Hiatus?!


Epic Quest Edition #3

I am sure the outcome will be worth the wait! HURRY UP! lol.

Yet Another Question :-)

I played and finished it. Waiting to play the new version of it and waiting to play Yuria2:)

Calling all testers!

Thanks. I know where Niku was. I had actually thought it was about more money or I had to talk to someone at the palace. More gold!! Thanks,again.

Calling all testers!

Hi, Marrend.
The only two recruits I am missing are Niku and Yasoui.
Niku keeps saying something about a contract.
There was mention about breaking the army into smaller armies,but, I haven't figured that out, yet.

I'm doing a lot of trading and fighting to get everyone's levels up.
They all have the best of equipment. Runes are next. I will probably put my save in the new version.
Very enjoyable to play.

Calling all testers!

Congratulations on finishing your game and, unless you were kidding, Happy Birthday.

Calling all testers!

Great idea! Thanks
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