Shattered Hourglass

Suan disappeared after I fought Fire Lord, Where is he? I can't found him anywhere
He'll reappear while you are there. Just keep going to finish that area.

Dragon Warrior: Begin a New Quest

DW was my first RPG ever! Subbed and diggin' in!

Legends The First Prophecy (Part 1)v3.1

Started playing your game.
Lots of spelling and punctuation errors.
Apostrophised plurals.
Sentences starting with lower case letters.
Scrolling text could be slowed down some.
Just observations, not complaints.
Knight Skill has no description in the window.
Light Arrows has no description in the window.

Shattered Hourglass: Final Version

Fatal Stance is now 50 tp (was 50) ? No change.
Best news since 1.0.
With all the changes, I may just have to play them all, again!

Has the download button been updated?

Legends The First Prophecy (Part 1)v3.1

Won't download from the link.

Epic Quest Edition: Hiatus?!


Epic Quest Edition #3

I am sure the outcome will be worth the wait! HURRY UP! lol.

[RMVX ACE] Boss showing up on a map that doesn't have that enemy at all.

Inescapable in that the Esacpe option is grayed out, and cannot be selected, or attempting to escape generally leads to failure/death?

The initial thought in my mind is that the Troop that the boss encounter is in was somehow in Map Properties. Like, maybe you were moving around monsters in the database, and the Troop that the boss is now in was used as a common encounter on the map in question. However, if the option to escape is grayed out, that seems more indicative to me of an evented encounter.
Since you posted, I' ve found problems in my enemy/ troop database. I think once I correct that, the problem will be solved. Thanks for answering because I probably wouldn't have known it was in the database.

[RMVX ACE] Boss showing up on a map that doesn't have that enemy at all.

A fellow game maker gave me a couple scripts to enhance the game( short game). They were causing problems in the gameplay, so, I removed them. The only problem now is an inescapable boss is showing itself on a totally different map that has no call for it. To my knowledge, the scripts had nothing to do with that boss except that is was in the beastiary. Is this a fixable problem? The scripts were Yanfly Core, beastiary and one that said MAX HEIGHT. I am only redoing a previous game and improving it so, if I have to leave it the way it is then that's s the way it is. Moving the maps to a new project page probably wouldn't help if the maps themselves are corrupted. I am not a script person so I' m lost.

[RMVX ACE] [RMVX ACE] Default party member graphics

Eric and Ryoma should be in Actor4.png for both character sets and facesets. Unless your project has files with those names in them in the respective directories, and the "RTP=" line in the INI file hasn't been removed, or blanked out, the engine should refer to the RTP. At least as far as I know.

If all else fails, re-obtain the RTP from RPG Maker Web?
Thanks again, Marrend. I did not realize defaults were from actors in list. Thanks again!