The Star Rod Chronicles

I think I'm doing something wrong.
I downloaded the game file and both patch files.
I dragged both patches into the game file.
The game opens with a text about it being a free game, etc, Then it fades out and I get the screen that says

"Unable to find file

Zangia's Legend

Just started the game. Went in elder's house and you can walk on tops of walls?
Looking for the cellar. Only one door and it's locked.
The door and the top of the wall should not be on the same plane, unless it's meant to be a trap door imho.

Baclyae Revolution

I'm shocked to see such a low download count???? There are other sites to post your games. You should definitely be happy with it! There must be more Suikoden fans out there.Good luck.

Yet Another Question :-)

I played and finished it. Waiting to play the new version of it and waiting to play Yuria2:)


I think it should work fine. I've used it on Windows 10 Home (64 bit) and I don't have any problems.

Thank you. I'll get it, then.


Can someone tell me if VXAce can be run and VXAce games be played on windows10.or, is there a utility add on for this?
I don't want to switch to windows10 if VXAce won't run and games won't play. My pc has been hounding me to upgrade for weeks on a daily basis and I don't want to click "don't ask again" until I know.

Tales of Yuria: The Dragon God

Looking forward to Round 2. Also, playing 1 over again:)

The Founder's Quest (A Seasons 2 Game)

Been playing awhile. Couple things I noticed. It appears that one of your screenshots was taken while in "Event" mode.
Suggestion that doors that cannot be opened could have a text, maybe as to why."We can't go here, yet", Locked", "Must need a key" etc.

I like the music though I generally play without music. Very full and deep sounding.
Enjoyable game play.

Is there a full screen option?
Nevermind(if you ever see this). I just realized how old this game is
How do you leave after getting the Mithril Shield?
Nevermind(if you ever see this). I just realized how old this game is

Shattered Hourglass

I don't believe any Arena battlers can be scanned.

Below is a link to the fish 1 to 48 on the "fish collection"
They are numbered left to right, top to bottom.:


The list below tells you where you can catch each fish.
Good Luck!


Tales of Yuria: The Dragon God

I realised,too late, that members revive@1hp after battle. I'm near the end(I think) of the catherdral dungeon. Just about out of items. I have fishing pole and salmon,but, not many ponds or firepots in the dungeon,lol. Once you get out of the lift, you can't go back to the firepot at the beginning of the dungeon.
I still have my save in Crossroads where I have the saved Lindsay save if I need to start from ther and be more prepared. I'm as stubborn as the game is. Onward! Next time, I can save alot of Angel Kisses!