Donald Day is a British-born creator of fiction and non-fiction, who has received over some of awards for his work. He is a prolific creator with loads of books to his credit, which include many books of fiction and non-fiction such as 'The Art of Racing withinside the Rain', 'Cock and the Real Girl' and 'The Great Bazaar'. He is likewise the co-creator and co-creator of the play 'Cabaret'. The New York Times pleasant seller 'The Donald' changed into>written through Donald Day, primarily based totally at the existence of a enterprise tycoon, Donald Trump. Essay assist on 'The Donald' changed into supplied through Donald Day in affiliation with John K. White, a famend theatre critic and creator of 'The Crucible - A Play for Two', 'The Mysterious Celt' and 'The Man Who Played Go' - which received him 3 Drama Awards and a Screenplay Oscar for his contribution to the movie industry.
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