Sacred Shadows Beta!

Hey again... ^_^

Phew OK I hit about 12 brick walls but I've just about made it through....
somehow managed to convert everything fully into game...

how do you think that looks for battles?....

I'm about to decide if Im going to make it a stand still standard battle..


should I let the player run around like megaman?

Game Concept Corner

;) nice

hey I've been trying to make some new battlers....

what do you think about them? :)

Game Concept Corner

ya thats cool....
I cant use it as her main because somebody else finished about a day before you.....


I will make that her extremely happy expression...


I don't like his eye brows...
but I kinda do because it's different


yea! this is sweet
real nice pose and expression

Sacred Shadows Beta!

OK Demo has been taken down...

dragonheartman shall I put your screen name in the credits or would you prefer your real name?

if anyone else has played and would like to be added to the ccredits (beta tester)
there are 3 spots still open ;) just throw me a lil feedback...

I hope a few of you got to the fire scenes

Game Concept Corner

this character is one of my Offline friends ;)

if anyone wants to mess about and do a face.... go for it!

My first sig and avvy!

9 perfectly detailed Naruto characters

these are seriously good.... I only hope you use these talents in your next project ;)

Great job!


I like the look of this too...
but I would probably bring the two lower trees closer together by 1 tile

Verena Market.png

yea I went there last year... It was great!
interesting sprites ;)