Game Concept Corner

Here's some of my latest characters for my Gmae project: Sacred Shadows

would like to know what you think

hahaha heres another

hehe got her to this stage though... phew

Sacred Shadows Beta!

more coming soon

Release Dates:
Beta: Closed (219 downloads)
Final Demo: December
Full Game: TBC

Project Development Team

Me.... Myself..... and I

New Game

Hi people Ive started yet another game.....

Ok theres the link.... again Im using my Art instead of RTP
I hope you like this half as much as I do...

theres a screeny

Help removing demos

Hi Ive been trying to remove the old game downloads from my game section
need to get ruid of everything except "Sacred Shadows Final Cut" Ive mailed you a few times but 40 downloads later and theres been no reply :o

anyway if you could remove ......thanks

Character Development

Hi ppl ;D what do you think of these?...

Not sure

I forgot to ask.... I made a link on Enterbrain's site

it links straight to the game section....

Is that alright?

Display pic

Im having trouble finding the place to change my avatar.....
I thought it was in the profile section but I canne find it

Advanced NPC's

Hello ppl Iv been trying to think of other ways to communicate with NPC's
here's the idea, alright imagine this...

you have a simple npc (says hello when clicked)

ok now for the hard part
lets just say he/she need's a password to move forward
the password is ...... Spam

!!opens name input!!

if you type "spam" into the name something will
recognise that... activating the next part

if you type anything else nothing will happen...

Am I supposed to activate a variable switch or something???

taking that idea further imagine all npc's that you talk with start with a "name input" sooooo if you type ... "Hi" that will start a general convo
"Fact" for facts about whatever and finnaly "Objectives"

get the idea? ;)

If I can pull it off it should turn out quite nicely

the easy way to do this would be to add choices to the events
but I think it would be a lil better if you could type in what you want to say

If Only

Ive been thinking about this for a long time ....

Everyone know's that a PSP can be modded to play Rom's like an emulator

sooooooo I was wondering if there's any way that an RPG XP game can run on it

Im pretty sure psp's can run exe's so I cant see why this wouldnt work

anyone think this might be possible or am I just dreaming ..... ?

You Design It!

Hello Im looking for anyone willing to help me with the character design's... you dont need to be an amazing artist....

What you can do...

Character Sprite's ) I dont expect you to make an entire character so if you can draw the head.... Ill modify it and create a body and the extra frames

All I need from you is a front side of the face

if you want full movement Ill also need a side veiw

what you need (what I use)

a pencil, paper, camera phone,

you dont even need to colour it (leave all that to me)

{random thing's that would help}




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