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[Plug-in] [rm2k3] Animated Monsters Plugin

I wanted to share with you a plugin I’ve been working on with Cherry’s DynRPG. This plugin enables some basic animations--idle, hurt, and dead--for the monsters in the default battle system, as demonstrated in this video:

(note, this video is old so it doesn't include the hurt and dead animations. You can get Starless Umbra if you want to see it in-game.)

Installation Instructions

To use the plugin, first patch your project with DynRPG.

After that, download my plugin and put it in your DynPlugins folder.

Lastly, you need to do a bit of prep work for the animations to work. The plugin expects six images per monster:

1.png – Idle frame 1
2.png – Idle frame 2
3.png – Idle frame 3 (note: idle animations follow a 1-2-3-2 pattern)
4.png – Dead
5.png – Hurt frame 1
6.png – Hurt frame 2

These images need to be in a subfolder within your monsters directory. So, you should have something like this for a monster’s death pose:

\Monsters\<Monster Name>\4.png

<Monster Name> is simply the name you gave the monster in the database.


In the future I might have configurable animations, or something else I haven’t thought of yet. Let me know what you think.

EDIT: This might crash for back attacks/pincer attacks. I never really got around to completely testing this but it has the dhm seal of approval™ nonetheless.

Need your MP3s looped? Have a seat...

Hey guys, I've played a lot of games where people are using MP3s that either fade out incorrectly, don't loop, or are just way too huge. I can fix these files for you! Just post here with a link and let me know what you want.

- I can make it loop seamlessly
- I can clip out unnecessary portions that loop within the file to reduce filesize
- I can also increase the speed by 50% if you want to play it at half tempo in RM2k/3 to reduce the filesize (with no noticeable loss in quality!)

I'm still using MIDIs until I finish my own RPG, but in the mean-time I'd be more than happy to assist anyone who are making that MP3 jump and would like a little optimization.

RM2k3's resolution is too high!

I recently purchased a netbook. Its native resolution options are either 640x480 or 1024x576.

RM2k3 requires a resolution of at least 800x600 to run. I should have thought about this before I got the tiny lil thing but honestly it slipped my mind because RM2k3 runs fine on my brother's netbook. (Which is running 1024x600).

So 24 pixels in height are stopping me from using RM2k3 right now. It's a little upsetting, especially since my screen is actually slightly larger than his. (His just has more pixels per inch I'm guessing.)

I'm wondering a few things.

Is there a way to bypass this requirement in RM2k/3 either by hacking the exe or faking out RM2k3 in thinking my screen resolution is higher than it really is? So far I've tried ResHack for the former and editing registry values for the latter, but I've had no real luck. Maybe Aten knows something about this because he made the Goliath Patch for HUGE resolutions, but I'd doubt it.

Any thoughts or suggestions you have are appreciated. I never thought I'd see the day where seven-year-old software is incompatible with a brand new (albeit smaller) display.


Starless Umbra Chapter Six

Hey guys, I don't think I've made a topic for this game here yet so bare with me; this might be a little long.

Starless Umbra is an amateur RPG I started back in December 2002. It's my first project, and as you can imagine over the years it has gone through quite a bit of revisions. My goal is to finish one solid RPG with RM2k3 before I move on to more ambitious things. I know some of you (Craze) think RM2k3 is just crappy dated software but time and time again my devotion to this project far exceeds any willingness I have to abandon it for the next hip maker people are using. In short, I'm sticking with this until I finish it. :)

I am trying to put my efforts to creating a game that provides a rewarding gameplay experience with dynamic characters that consistently pull the plot forward. People who have played this game have told me gameplay is pretty solid. There's plenty of good minigames and puzzles to keep you entertained. (To be honest I've forgotten how many.) In addition, I consider myself a highly-receptive developer, and I'm always tweaking game difficulty, so keep that in mind as you play, and do not hesitate to give me your thoughts. In the end it helps make the game better. Since this game has such a small fanbase I am readily open to any suggestions you have for me.

I don't know what to say about this that hasn't been said. You play as Andoru and his best friend Clydan as they attempt to find a way home. It sounds simple but things get complicated and eventually you control a small cast of characters as you deal with their drama and ties to the land and the people around them as you ultimately try to find a way back home.

No one reads these, but here's a glimpse at the main cast of characters.


The main protagonist. He's passive, but intelligent. He always questions the world around him. His one redeeming quality that makes him fit to be a typical protagonist is he's not afraid to make his motives clear and honest.


Clydan is Andoru's older best friend. The two are like brothers and have known each other since childhood, despite their differences in personality. Clydan can be quite arrogant and often has trouble admitting when he is wrong. He keeps his true motives hidden and is impatient from time to time.


Reene is your typical shy loli type. She's the youngest of the main cast and doesn't say too much. Her religious uprising not only gives her the cute innocent look but also gives her a lot of faith in her friends. Her levelheadedness is also a great addition to the team. The best part of all is she uses a sword as a weapon. My personal favorite character.


Loud, direct, and loquacious is Lynia, who serves as a direct foil to Reene. There isn't much to say because her character says it all in-game. She's a warrior female on a mission. Just what that is she is a little hesitant to say.


Kelar is a victim of amnesia who has given up all morals to live a life of material value. To quote his own words, "omen, money, and attention. I love it all." Originally introduced as a comic relief character, you soon learn that as he travels with the team and his past is revealed, his morals take a bit of a turn.

Some Features
  • Running System.
  • Dynamic Random Enemy Encounters (they're based on your level, so think of leveling up as a reward for fewer encounters)
  • Difficulty Select. This is important! If you were annoyed by the running system, there's no shame in choosing easy mode. Not only do you get a huge boost in initial stamina, but many of the minigames are made easier and you start out with a few more items. Also if you're a real RPG meathead, try repeatedly pressing down from the difficulty select screen...
  • Two skill learning systems, both explained well in-game much better than they were in the past.
  • Cooking, fishing, collecting, and all sorts of fun minigames and systems to just keep you occupied (and reward you!) while you play.
  • 15 to 20 hours of gameplay and a download under 30 megs! MIDIs are seriously underrated.
  • Though some are dated and therefore hidden, there are over 900 maps.
  • Huge world (still in development) with over 35 locations to visit.

SU in under 40 seconds: A really short trailer hosted by youtube! Better than screenshots, really. Watch it. ;)


Of course, if you don't feel like going to youtube:

A dark little sewer area. What makes this area different is that there won't be any final fantasy music playing when you enter but rather an original midi composition written specifically for this game! :D

I don't know about you, but even though no one has used mac and blue since 2004 (everyone uses rudora now), I still whore it like it's nobody's business.

You would be correct to assume that pressing that switch raises the water level of the dungeon.

This screenshot is dedicated to kentona because I know he likes world maps.

Sometimes there's dialogue. It's okay, you don't have to read it if you don't want.

Get the game here:
automatically grabs the newest version, currently v6.02

Check out more of keifurisu's art for the game here:

The website:

Final Thoughts
Give the game a try if I've at all sparked your interest. People give me crap for not advertising this enough but I'm always improving it, so if you've played this game before chances are it's something different now. Also, this download includes chapters 1-6 as well as the prologue. Saves from Chapter five (if you have any) are also compatible. Thank you for reading.

Show Off Your (Gamemaking) Youtube Channel

I'm sure some of you use YouTube to showcase your game via videos, trailers, and so forth to the internet, and if you're anything like me you might be interested in getting more views, comments, subscribers, etc. on your YouTube channel. So I thought we could all share our YouTube Channel in this topic.

I'll keep a running list of all the channels posted in this first post, and if anyone else wants to leave their channel, just post a URL. Hopefully we can have a decent-sized list of channels to find some cool games.

Again, this thread is for posting YouTube channels that only deal with gamemaking (RM*, gamemaker, etc) videos, which is why it's in the gamemaking forum. Apologies if you were confused!

tl;dr link me to your youtube iff you post gamemaking-related vids

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