I'm a writer first and foremost, but in game making I've found a whole new medium to tell my stories.

I hope you enjoy my games

Please check out my Kickstarter for a really cool little game I'm making! If you feel sorry for all those monsters your heroes take out on their journey to face the ultimate evil then you'll love Slime Quest! The take of one little slime and his companions taking on the Adventurers once and for all to save Monsterkind!

Blue Lab
Use Stealth and Puzzle solving to protect your spouse from a terrorist organisation



Revive the Dead

Man... I totally did not see this one coming... which game should I choose... I have some many abandoned ideas. lol. ah well, we'll se how it goes. good luck everyone!

Blue Lab

Lol. Thanks for the review.

1. It's called Jungle Rescue, because it's what I ended up having to call the Game Development Month Game, because I didn't have time to get to the Blue Lab section. I left it as Jungle Rescue, because that's what the mission itself is called. lol.

2. I'm glad you thought the game was fun and you liked the Gender choosing, (I'm having fun with that bit myself lol), the mechanics were fun to come up with so I'm glad you enjoyed both them and the alternative style of gameplay. And I promise, there will be much, much more. I'm glad you like the characters!

- I think I managed to discover that particular guard and update the game to remove that bug, but if this little game has taught me anything, it is that I'm going to have to test each enemy very caefully before moving on to the next.
-At some point Luna Engine will come out, or I'll have enough to pay someone to make me a fully custom menu that will work like a normal menu system, including pausing and everything. lol. (and yes, you will be able to use medkits out of battle!)
-There will be more, lots and lots more! Promise.
-Not sure why the Tazer wasn't working... will need to look into that one.
-At some stage I will have emotion busts and cutscene pics for the game, but they may be a long while coming I'm afraid.

I think I answered everything... Ooverall, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and there will be more soon (hopefully)

Blue Lab

I can only hope. Because I'd love for people to like the characters as much as I do!

Blue Lab

Uh huh. Fungii is awesome! And well spotted, they are indeed scars. There isn't an ingame reason so much as I just like the idea of Cidney finding them sort of intriguing.

(is it bad that I imagine little conversations and moments about their lives that will never be shown in game? lol)

I hope to have the the first part of the game done soon.

Thank you for your comments!

Blue Lab

You can choose your gender AND your spouse's gender? SUBSCRIBED!


When I told my mother about the game it was originally a male "Jean Valentino" and a female "Cidney Sheppard". Hher first words were "Why can't the soldier be a woman and the scientist a man?", and I couldn't come up with a good enough reason, so I agreed to give the option. Then later, explaining it to my friends I mentioned the option to choose gender and they were all "That's cool, so you can choose if your married to a man or a woman in the game?".

It kind of spirialled lol.

For the Indie Game month version you can only choose your own gender, and Cidney's is predetermined to be the oposite. But by the time it's finished you can choose both.

And the artist has very kindly said they're ok doing art for all the pairings.

Game Name Game

I'm totally interested! I'll get on this now! When I find my actually computer, because iPads are totally not made for this sort of thing.

Game Chill 2013

I've only just realised one half of my dungeon is significantly shorter than the other. I don't know if I should try to add on an extra corridor or room, or leave it as it is.... hmm... still need to make a game page.

Game Chill 2013

Maybe she's been hit by the confusion spell and is now healing the giant snowman?

I don't know... lol.

Game Chill 2013

wow, mine is going to be pretty dang short. lol.
Just finished messing with the maps and starting the puzzles... I should probably think about making up a Game Page. And a readme file.

Question. In regards to the "How to play the game", do you mean just general, load and play, or like a walkthrough... because I don't think there's enough of my game to make a walkthrough. lol.

Game Chill 2013

Question... Does the dungeon have to be a single map, or can it be a series of maps to make up the dungeon?

I suppose it's not allowed to have a Bing Crosby song in the game. sigh. that would be the awesomest dungeon crawling music ever!
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