I'm an early RPG Maker user (pre-2k3) who frequented Kamau's RPG Palace and RPG Town in it's ezboards era, through and up to the overtaking of the bots. I now just waywardly float through the internet being bored. I still haven't finished a project in RPG Maker either hahaha.


Doing The Thing

This is the thing. I am doing it.

Hi I'm dragonzx, which you're welcome to refer to me as, though Dragon or Zechs are also acceptable. The name Zechs is an English adoption of Zekusu (ZX) in Japanese, only mildly influenced by Gundam Wing.

The community I was once a part of, and hopefully no one remembers my garbage childish antics, was RPG Town. I've grown up, kind of. At least in the good ways.

I'm in my late 20s, and I play video games sometimes. I prefer classics, and I was never good at completing projects. For anything. Ever.
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