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AFTERMATH VX - Version 0.4

For whatever it's worth, here's my suggestions:

What you did right was making it easier to survive alone. It used to be very luck based.

The rat boss was perfectly beatable at level 4, but some players wanted to fight it at level 5. I think the best way to handle that boss is to balance the exp rewards so that you're expected to have 40 Max HP when you first meet it, but can level up and get 50 Max HP without taking to much time. Personally, I think that not only finding the boss, but also exploring the whole area should still not land you at level 5. Ideally, I also want to be able to go back to the trader for some preparations without hitting level 5. I admit this can take some tight balancing though.

I think it's a good thing that the random encounters give more exp. However, I suggest compensating by lowering the encounter rate and making each encounter on the lower floor harder. Basically, you fight half as many battles as you did in version 0.3, but get twice the exp and twice the beating for each.

How about making it so that you do start with 20 Max HP, but only get 7,5 (alternate between 7 and 8) per level up? This lands you at 42 Max HP at level 4 and 50 at level 5 while still making the very start a bit softer.

Some of your suggestions are very nice. I'm not going to rush 0.5 I have some tweaking I want to do with it and play testing so I can make sure it's going to be challenging. What I plan on doing is nerfing the exp gains a bit and the lucky 7 but nothing drastic.. I enjoy the fact you level a bit faster but not as fast as it is now. After that I am going to make the monsters on the lower level pound your ass in if you're not prepared. The game needs it's edge back and difficulty keeps a player wanting more.

The water bottle system may be changed as well.. I even find it annoying to keep going back and forth with them.. Maybe I can make them more auto-usable as suggested by Selarious. I'm also thinking about making item finding less of a hassle and more straight forward.. you click it.. you found this many items.. go on with your life.. as much as I thought it would be interesting for your character to say something about every little thing it didn't work out like I wanted it. Sometimes simple is indeed better.

I think I'm going to go over the mutations too and their base damage and healing.. Possibly do some tweaking with my current system. It will take some work to get everything solid. Once I can get the demo to a solid level than I will feel better about continuing on with 1.0 and higher..

AFTERMATH VX - Version 0.4

Thanks for the feedback. I think the game is too easy as well. I really nerfed the difficulty way too much. I'm thinking of something I could do to make it challenging but not a yawn fest. and not where people are going to cry it's too hard. *sigh*

game's a yawnfest now. mash enter. win battle.

hungry leapers had huge evasion. this version in all the times i encountered them i didn't miss even once. wasn't until the walking dead appeared i had to actually think..... oh wait no i don't, i just mash enter more and they die anyway.

the hp/exp/gold increase negated any semblance of difficulty adding the new mobs would have caused. i finished v3 at all rank 4. i finished v4 at all rank 6. i grinded in v3. i did not grind in v4. i checked every nook and cranny in both versions.

the rat boss was a pushover. nobody in my entire party even hit half health to require healing.

if the first dungeon is simply to get people used to the game, fine, but if the rest of the game is this boring i won't bother. it's not fun or interesting enough.

character customization so far is too limited, and every character has the exact same stats save for picking superhuman as a trait. i'd like to see each mutation broken down into 2 more types of it. something like picking superhuman gets you a choice of +3 combat or initiative. picking healing gene gets you auto regen or strengthened healing spells. more variation.

abilities "upgrading" is a joke. you take my 6 ap heal that heals 15, triple the cost and don't even double the healing. that is a major degradation of the skill even assuming that enemies will start to hit hard enough to require the extra 13 hp healed.

6 ap to heal 15
19 ap to heal 28

Why do you not simply make the water bottle streams heal your party to full instead of making me OPEN THE GOD DAMN MENU SIXTY MILLION TIMES to use a bottle on each person til they're full ap, fill them up, have maria heal them, use a bottle on her again, fill it up again.

final result:
difficulty: too easy
irritation factor: high
boredom level: high

i hope you find at least some of this useful. it took me a half hour to write it up :S

I understand your frustrations. Thanks for the feedback.

Do you find 0.4 more enjoyable?

I do approve of the fact that it's easier to survive at the very beginning. I do not like that the Rat Boss became a complete joke this time around. Random encounters have become easier, but it matters little since they already were easy (again, except for when you are alone). All in all, I'm going to say no, this version is not more enjoyable.

Thanks for the feedback. I think the game is too easy as well. I really nerfed the difficulty way too much. I'm thinking of something I could do to make it challenging but not a yawn fest. and not where people are going to cry it's too hard. *sigh*

AFTERMATH VX - Version 0.4

He's uploaded a new version, so I'm guessing the feedback served it's purpose.


I downloaded your game (got a better computer!), am really enjoying it so far!

Awesome. :) The game should be much easier to play now.

AFTERMATH VX - Version 0.4 Review

Thanks for the review. 0.4 should fix the grinding and make the leveling process much smoother. The bed bug should be eliminated in this version as well, but saved games that have the timer already ticking will be bugged.

Patch Notes


This version of the game demo has some tweaks which will ultimately make the game easier for a new player. Version 0.4 will be released in the very near future.

AFTERMATH VX - Version 0.4 Review

Amerkevicius, I'm not being a whiny child as you stated. I was straight up telling you that you can be faulted for not knowing a thing or two. I know you have been playing rpgs since whenever. So have I but I never claim I know it all and can do it all and if one little thing goes wrong in the rpg I bash it. Sometimes designers put stuff in games that people miss. It's common.. I apologize for coming at you so hard it's just how I shoot my shit as they say. I've heard people's opinions and your own. I can either do some changes to make a certain crowd happy and piss off some others or I can try to tone things down a bit and make everybody happy. Believe me there are people who want the game even harder than it is now.

The experience gains will be tuned up. I agree the leveling is a bit long atm. I also plan to remove the 30 minute resting..

Version 0.4 will be available tomorrow. I uploaded it. Please check the patch notes for info on this. Thanks for the review and your feedback.

Is Aftermath Version 0.3 way too hard for you?

Yeah, there is indeed a lot of mixed opinions on this. If you think my lashing of the reviews is me being an ass I truly do apologize I have tested 0.3 with pretty much every mutation combo possible and they all have the ability to get the job done. The game's learning curve will fly by some people.. They won't understand hit rating is accuracy.. I have even double checked all my weapon's statistics to see if any of them are at the wrong accuracy and nothing is out of order.

I know some people can't handle the difficulty of the current game when they don't have their party with them. Also some people think you should level faster.. I can see me improving lucky 7 to offer more experience and possibly tone up the monsters a bit as well. Here is a list so far..

AFTERMATH 0.4 CHANGES <-- I tossed a 0.4 there because I'll probably have to release another version of the demo once again and get opinions on the changes and if it's too easy now. See this comes at a price.. you got the hard-core people who love a challenge who greatly enjoy the current game and you got the softies who think the game is too difficult so they bash it or demand changes. Overall I think the game needs some changes.

#1: The encounter rate for the first area will be reduced.

#2: The stun on the Starved Leaper will now have a miss chance. It's currently designed to hit 100% of the time. This proved to be too complicated and luck based early on. Also, that enemy will only bite your leg one time per combat never anymore. This might make the creature pointless however since they can already die like a fly.

#3: Experience for enemies will be increased. Lucky 7 experience will be increased.

#4: I guess I'll have to flash up a huge reminder that hit rating is important.. some weapons just don't have that great of accuracy while others hit more often. There are also dodge chances for some enemies but mostly in the 4% range so it shouldn't effect it that badly.

#5: Mutation lines will be getting an upgrade all across the board to their damage output.

#6: Rocks and Bricks will be buffed up and do more damage.

#7: The heroes health will be increased at level 1 and up.

That's all I got so far. Please post comments below.

AFTERMATH VX - Version 0.4 Review

2.5/5 is average. 3/5 is a bit above average, which I personally felt with this game. Quite a few developers would love to get a 3/5. It doesn't mean I hated the game, but that I felt there were areas that could be improved upon.

I applaud Drak, however, in that he did improve upon his first demo, which does indicate he does consider the feedback he's given. Again, this only reflects my views of the game, whereas others may not agree.

Short Swords are very accurate and extremely easy to acquire. I made the weapons have a miss chance because I took into account people would use bricks, rocks and their mutations to take monsters down too. I couldn't give a branch 95% hit rate.. I mean it's a crappy off-balanced weapon. One thing I noticed is your total disregard for mentioning any of the mutations powers to get through combat. In fact all you mentioned was missing. Be honest with me. Did you even use your mutations?. In fact you got to level 4 and did you even look at what Vincent had? His lightning power hits AOE and rocks the hell out of all three enemies. I'm just saying the game gets really favorable to the heroes party when you hit 4.

2/10 for combat makes me want to puke honestly. I understand it's your opinion but please take into account you didn't fully know how to play your character's right off the bat. The game has a learning curve I guess. I made it pretty user friendly.. I don't know how to tell players anything else without holding their hand. I mean do I need to include a step by step instruction guide on how to fight in Aftermath and that if you have a 55% hit rate weapon you miss half of the time? Meaning, do what you can with that weapon only if you need to use it.. Use your mutations and things laying around..

Do you get my point here?

Sorry to sound frustrated but I felt the combat was one of my best things for this game. I'm glad you liked the other stuff. Yeah it's tough.... but at least I gave players a lot of things they could use to survive. This doesn't mean I'm going to NOT change some stuff.. I suppose I have no choice but to make the game easier since the learning curve is too hard.

AFTERMATH VX - Version 0.4 Review

Drak (if you don't mind the shortened name), while there were a few things about the combat that annoyed me, the 2 main concerns that caused me to give such a low rating was due to my attacks missing so much and that it took me 2 and 1/2 hours to get to level 5. And maybe that the rat boss, as well. I did enjoy the visuals, though, and getting around the menu wasn't a problem.

As for the end, it wasn't that it didn't make sense, but I think I over read the comments in Max's review in that I had come to expect something greater than just the villain's brief introduction. But I'm sure more will be revealed in upcoming installments.

One suggestion, if you are looking for a way to leave the lepers in and still make it a challenge. You could add in a piece of equipment (maybe an accessory) that prevents stun, however the downside could be that defense and agility is greatly lowered if this accessory is equipped. This allows you to keep the challenge, not having to alter the battles or force the player to find their friends before engaging in combat, and still leaves it up to the player to strategize. By equipping this, they won't be stunned, however battles may prove a bit harder for them, so now they have to think and decide what's better for them: equip the accessory to avoid paralysis but hope for the best against the tougher enemies, or risk being stunned but go into battle knowing you have decent defense?

Hit rating is totally dependent on the weapon you have equipped. If you look closely at your equipped gear it has a Hit Rate on it. Most of the crappy weapons are only 45-65% hit rating. The guns are 95% and so are some of the very powerful melee weapons later. This kind of upsets me a bit actually because I even put at the beginning of the game a notice that you should pay attention to your hit rating.