My name is Jacob.

I'm a full-time Game Developer for Drattzy Games LLC. I've got 2 beautiful kids and a super awesome wife! :D

I do a little bit of everything when it comes to game dev, but my primary focus is game asset design and level design.

Alterium Shift
Three heroes in training take on a mission that changes everything.




Oh dang that looks neat
Appreciate it!


He didn't tell them that this exam was going to rock?
Man, what a missed opportunity.
LOL! omg, that's hilarious. *takes notes* XD


I've followed this project on Twitter for quite a while - loving the visuals you've accomplished here! The pixel work meshes so beautifully with the Octopath-style 2.5D approach.

Thanks a ton, Blind. Your support and kind words are, as always, greatly appreciated. :)


Looks very promising, especially since you're making your own assets, at least for the characters, dunno if the scenery objects are vanilla.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks! The scenery in this particular scene is a mix of vanilla and I got some textures and the tent object I got off opengameart. As far as the characters, I manually customized them from a base model by Strawberries777. :)


I soooo love this! <3 ^_^
Thanks! Makes me happy :)


Haha, I see the resemblance!


oh man, ooohh these things, lol


Thanks! :D It was fun making all of it, albeit a bit time consuming! XD
The Character Sprites are by Rebecca Murphey, she's amazing! And The faces are some old faces made to fit the RPG Maker XP characters I used. :)


All of your forest screenshots have a very interesting vibe too them with the dark tones but different colored lighting all around. It's a cool aesthetic, but it might be one of those games I would boost the brightness on my monitor for. =P

Is it the fog that's multicolored? I can't really place it!


oh god this is such a big yes
i mean except for the needlessly high resolution that goes in direct clash with the low resolution, blurry textures (this would absolutely not be a problem on 240p, the small textures would be big enough for such small objects, and texture blurring would be impossible to see as well)

but yeah this is like everything i wanted to do but can't because while i have the artistic knowledge i lack the technical know-how :V

i'd love to play it but
my pc runs MV games like shit =_=

Haha, thanks, yeah I'm still fairly fresh in the 3D world, though I learn something new everyday!

You might try playing anyway. I've been told that this game actually runs better than most MV games people have played on their PCs. Completely up to you! :)
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