Hey everyone. Just started playing around with rpg maker 2k3 a couple years ago and after learning a bunch over time I decided all of my effort may as well be shared with anybody that wants to check it out. I've been a long time lurker (I love browsing this site) and thought it might be a fun community to get to know. Cheers



Shadow Seeker Boss Fight! Spawn of Maldeja

Really fantastic content. That music is just next tier stuff dude. Visuals look great but that music really takes you to the scene. Great work


Everyone here has already said it but dang dude, no lighting effects or anything and you've absolutely done an awesome job nailing this atmosphere with a pretty simple chipset. Great job man. Small rooms can be some of the heaviest hitters.

Onix Rift video 04 commentary.

Hey Kaemp how are you doing? I hope all is well on the development front. You're great dude, you're always fantastic for solid feed back.

- I think you're right about the 1/3rd damage being that happy number for big hits, you make a good point. It's really simple to play with those damage numbers so that's a real simple one to play with.

- I like that idea about the item icon being inside the bubble when items are used. It's actually really not going to be hard at all. All of the hero animations for the item use frames are pictures so I can pretty easily add a battle animation over the top of the hero frames with out any animation conflicts. The only thing that would change during the item call common event would be a conditional branch with different BA depending on what item was used.

- I always wonder about my screen flash calls. I always do, I think, like half power but I have wondered if it is too much still. Now I have a frame of reference to approach screen flashes from. I'm glad you mentioned this, maybe I need to bring that flash's power down more.

- To be fair, I think when you played the gem top enemies were pretty brutal DEF stats. I've since rebalanced enemy stats and I think those guys are a little easier to take out. I still think I might bring them down more still. Either way, I'm glad you noticed that screen transition! I was pretty happy with the way that one turned out myself as well.

- Thank you for the spelling correction. "Mirage" will be addressed.

- Yes, I believe the file I was playing during that video I was over leveled. Typically when I play through and fight the eagle I'm around like level 7 or 8 maybe?? and any spell cast by the eagle completely fills up the LP bar after getting hit. I agree with you on the Gale attack giving the hero a big enough LP boost to retaliate and that is how I intended the boss to play out I think I was playing a file where I was like level 10 or something. Either way, maybe I'll put some failsafe eventing to be sure the player gets that max LP bonus after big spells are cast.

Thanks a bunch for the feed back my man, it's always really great input from you. Dude, it might have been moonsong I was playing now that you mention it. After I hit you up about evoker a while back I did go back to moonsong and was giving it a play through and there's only a couple 2k3 games I've played in the past month or two.

P.S. I hope Evoker is getting some love once and a while.

Nihilo - Definitive Demo - Available Now! (Early Release)

I went to play it late last night but the font on this version is messed up and unreadable. I didn't see anything in the download folder other than the exe. Am I missing something to fix the font? As it stands right now it's super hard to read anything

Nihilo - Definitive Demo - Available Now! (Early Release)

Nice man, you've been busy. Keep it up. I'm going to download and play later this evening when I get some free time.

Moonsong: First Verse

I'm about to download this 41 times to get you the 1000 you deserve.
I'm somehow at 970 (as of this message) so your hard work is paying off!

Or I'm just really bad at math haha


That's strange, I played this game a couple days ago and it all worked correctly. I'll say this, it's a really cool original concept, which is what appealed to me when I first came across it. However, I would like to open it up within the editor to have a look at how the blacked out tiles function. During game play the movement was pretty chunky/choppy, I assume every tile you move and the screen being updated to black out different tiles could create a bit of overhead depending on how it was achieved especially with an older computer such as mine. Feed back wise I would say, I wish the game window was bigger and you could see a little more of your surroundings before the edges black out as it tends to feel a bit claustrophobic to me In it's current state personally. I do think it's an awesome original concept though and with a bit of refining it could be an awesome exploration game.

Moonsong: First Verse

I'm about to download this 41 times to get you the 1000 you deserve.

Onix Rift video commentary 02 on enemy events.

Oh, regarding the tile question. There's no extra tiles. I think the ultimate 2009 just presents the chipset in a different way so the tile pallette looks like it has more tiles available. It also has a floating feature so you can drag the tile pallette to anywhere you want on the screen. It's really cool, I've had a few questions asked about it. I'm surprised more people didn't know about it. When I found out about it I thought I was the only one not using it haha. It's pretty cool though. It has a feature where when you first boot up the program a pop up comes on with different facts and tips about the engine and different things about how 2k3 processes different events and shows different formulas within the default battle system. It's really cool. I like its presentation better than the official release. (Other than the additional enemy's commands the official release has included.)

Onix Rift video commentary 02 on enemy events.

By the way kaempfer, in moonsong you absolutely NAILEd the atmosphere you were going for. The old inhabited country side riddled with ruins. I feel like Everytime I attempt something similar I get a cluttered look. I'm truly envious of some of those maps my man. Nothing clashes and every map, 100x100 or 10x10, all looked like they got the same attention. That struck me most so far that I've played.
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