Summoner of Sounds

Well, the easy answer is "no". The hard answer is mildly to moderately expensive (sound libraries and Kontakt sample player), as well as time consuming. Here's a thread I read on OCR recently about making "good" strings. Other links to look at are this one and this one. Getting realistic strings is less about the capability of a VST or library (although that's important) and more about mimicking human performance - using varying velocities when needed, shaping swells, etc. Of course, some articulations will be hard if not impossible without libraries, but you can get a fairly good string sound out of a mediocre sample set if you practice.

Thank you for both the easy answer and a more involved one. :] I'll check out the links!

Summoner of Sounds

Does anyone have recommendations for VSTs with good string section instruments? I always have a hard time getting my strings to sound at all realistic :p

RMN Composer Introductions

Hi Everyone!

My name is Toby but on here I'm going to be DreamingGhost. I don't really have a composer alias because I've never shared my work online before.

There isn't really a place to find my work because I haven't written most of it yet! I have a handful of songs done for a game my buddy is working on. He might release it for free soon, and if that actually happens, you can check out my tunes while you play! Or maybe I'll set up a Soundcloud or something.

Commissions? I haven't thought that far ahead! Maybe I'll edit this post in a couple hours and set up an email or something.

I love the music of early RPGs. I've been playing a few indie games recently and some of the composers behind them have really wowed me, making me want to see how much I can cultivate the little bit of musical talent I'm lucky to possess!

For software, I started on Noteworthy Composer, making arrangements for my college a cappella group. Then I moved on to Cubase, and now I'm learning FL Studio. I feel like once I really get to know FL it will have limitless power, which I desire.

I'm a singer and I play piano too. About 70% self-taught so my sight reading isn't all there but I've got a good ear. Heh.

Accomplishments... hmmm none really. I still feel like the first tune I ever finished was the best ever and I'll never surpass it. It was the main theme of an unfinished game called "Daybreak." So epic and grand. It modulated about a zillion times into a really strange key - finding the perfect way to make it resolve to its original key so that it could loop indefinitely is probably the achievement I'm most proud of me in music, even though it's just three or four measures of work.
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