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Angel Painting
Ann was wandering around an abandoned building to find her missing friends. But she'll encounter something else...
Red Syndrome
The red mist grows...
The Amber Throne
A game about a girl in a desert world beneath a mysterious floating castle, and her quest to reach it.
"A joy to sit down and play" - Addit
Invitation to a dream
A young, headstrong girl ventures to another world to save a friend.
Nora's Tale
A Zelda-like action/adventure game
Bachelors' Deal
Echoes of the Past
An adventure game searching for the fabled Book of Thoth
Soul Sunder
A character-driven survival RPG
Flower Bubble Game!!!
Pick flowers, blow bubbles, and take over the world.
Afterlife: The Second Di...
Once upon a time, the Afterlife in a parallel universe...
Lucidity: False
VXAce Nugget Crash Course...WE HAVE TO GO DEEPER
Iris Island
An enjoyable experience gathering/quest completing, light-RPG. (Version 1.8)
Ghost Suburb II: From Be...
A RPG about not sleeping and staring at walls.
A short adventure game that has the player piecing together what happened the previous night.
Guide Me
A short, RPG Maker VX Ace horror game
Farmyard Chronicle, Dire...
A fun-loving cow-kicking puzzle game!
Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Conte...
I died once. (Complete Edition Act II+ now available!)
Halloween Bash
Retro-styled Contest Entry
Thin Walls
A mysterious voice leads a young girl through a warped version of her memories
2d Horror Game
Fleuret Blanc.
Mystery RPG about fencing, possessions, and information collection.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!
Prelude - Act 1
Silence is ultimate weapon of power.
The Heart Pumps Clay
Lonely little witch in the swamp, sittin' by a pile of mud...
A short horror/puzzle game.
Crescent Moon: The Juuji...
Psycho horror continuation of the first rpg-style game (The Demon's Nightfall)
Halloween Flop
A "gameboy"-styled ex-contest entry
Scarlet must escape from a damaged hospital while avoiding a murderous stepfather
Cast Aside
Episodic Active Strategy RPG with an involved plot and puzzles.
A short rpg horror made for the 2014 Indie Game Contest. Solve puzzles and a mystery!
Surreal Run-and-Gun 2D Platformer
Sacred Earth: Promise
A group of old friends are brought together, and an old promise is remembered...
The Logomancer
A JRPG without killing, where words are your most powerful weapons.
Remnants of Isolation
Fight for your freedom in a world that fears and despises you.
Nothing But the Third
A classical RPG starring a woman who feels like the "third wheel" in a three-way friendship.
Beyond Reality (IGMC 201...
A gripping tale about employees of a company in a pollution-filled futuristic world who are dragged three thousand years into the past to quell a conflict that threatens their lives.
Office of Weirdness
Artistic, creepy game about... going to the office.
A puzzle/adventure game with unusual capabilities
Painted Heart
Restore a lost painting with your art.
Little Briar Rose
A point-and-click adventure inspired by "Sleeping Beauty" fable
The Farming One
It seems that you just bought a new farm. Congratulations! It’s located right next to a town whose people fled from a group of bandits.
I Miss the Sunrise
A prequel to The Reconstruction featuring a unique battle system, customized weapons, and character creation.