Been working on a game for years, haven't given up.

I'm not sure if anyone here can relate, or not. Several years ago, in highschool I started on a project called Void. The game started out as a game just to test out the engine, but it evolved into something quite ambitious.

Anyway, I started the game in highschool, and I am 27 now. For some reason, I still pick it up every once in a while and work on it from time to time. There is about 11 dungeons in the game, and I have about 9 complete. I have also gone back and redesigned the entire game. I also have multiple times stopped all work on the game for a couple of years, only to eventually return to it.

I was wondering if anyone has been in my shoes and can relate to what I am talking about.

Here is a link to the game.

I was also shocked to see that the last time I posed was back in 2008, 5 years ago!

Custom Game Engine

Hey I just wanted to show off a custom Designed Game engine I am working on using C++ and SDL.


My RPG Maker Game webpage


This is a web site I made while back about a game I have been working on for a couple of years. It has by-far became I much more abitious project than I originally anticipated.

The page currently in draft form, and it may have a few grammatical errors, (and few broken images) which I will be fixing ASAP, but any feed back on the site, or the game, would be appreciated.

Edit: I'll also try to get some videos up of the game if anyone is interested in seeing them.

Vista 64 bit Compatability

Hey, my bro is looking into buying a new laptop, but a concern we both have is if RPG Maker 2000\2003, will work with it.

It is a 64 bit laptop, and it has vista on it, but I will be able to dual boot it with XP.

Do I need to have any concerns with compatability, or should it run without a problem?

RPG Maker Convention

I've been thinking about this for a while now. I'm not sure if it's been done yet, or mentioned already, but while back, I reccall there being a Fan Game convention, and I was wondering what you guys thought about an RPG Maker convention.

It would been a week end event, where RPG Maker designers thoughout the country would meet, and show off thier latest creations, host RPG design workshops, etc.

What are you guys thoughts about somthing like this?

RPG Maker 2000 Overheating my Computer

I'm on a Compaq Presario V4000 laptop.

I've been having this issue for a couple of weeks now. It seemed to
start happening radomly one day for no reason. Now everytime I use RPG
maker 2000, and run the game I am currently working on, the CPU maxes out to 100% and the program starts chugging. I first I thought this might
have been my fault or somthing. Maybe I had some sort of complex parrallel process in the common events, but after checking up on that, that wasn't the issue. Then I did a full viris, spyware, and adware scan. I found some
adware, and deleted it, but still the problem keep occuring. Finally, I used MSConfig, and ran a selevtive startup, and disabled most of the background programs, and still no change in performace. :(

To make matters even worse, the other day I was running my game and the
entire system, shut itself off because it got to hot! :o

This is really confusing to my why this would be occuring because it has never happened before, and RPG maker 2000, is not really a resource intensive program. I mean I've ran it on much older machines than my own. ???

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on why this might be occuring?

Your opinion on RTP

Hey, I just wanted to get you guys opinion on RTP graphics. I hear often people complaining about RTP being used. I am hard at work on a game on RPG Maker 2000, which I started several years ago. When I started creating it I did not know much about RPG maker 2000, so I automatically chose to use RTP graphics for the heroes, yet at this point in time, I feel, I have really learned to use the program well. I am creating my own custom created characters, art, music, etc, but
one thing keeps bugging me is that I have grown sort of attached to my RTP heroes in the game.

I really want people to be able to play this game and enjoy it, as much as I have in it's creation, and I was wondering how you guys feel about this subject, and how much of a "turn off" RTP heroes are to you guys. Do you think I should just "face the pain" and change my characters, or just keep going with them as they are.

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