I like to mess around with pixels and pretend I'm really good at being creative. I also hike, travel, write songs, play music, make pizza, eat pizza, drink coffee, drink more coffee, and enjoy long walks on the beach.
Classic RPG adventure



Basic Sprite

Composites are great for filling maps with NPCs, but to be able to make my own custom full sprites for important characters is great for me.

Bitmapped Fonts

When it's this, its ASCII. There's a lot of blank spaces where you can put more funny symbols in.

Oooo, I'll have to look that up. It may be a bit redundant with an icon option, but the ability to add extra symbols into the bitmap font is super intriguing.

EDIT: I ran the nano bitmap font you provided and loved it. Until I tried to see what it looked like in text boxes.

I don't think it's recognizing spaces? Flat strings of random characters work just fine, but whenever there's a space bar present, nothing makes sense. That first line of text, each word was separated by four space bar hits, and yet it gives that erratic pattern. Using one space between words just returns a mess of smooshed characters.

Under project settings, the text size is set to 8 pixels.

EDIT: Switching back to the standard font I had the same issue.

Bitmapped Fonts

This is great. I would have never figured out that format. Ill be experimenting with bitmap fonts. Ill let you know if I find any bugs

Bitmapped Fonts

Do you think you could reupload the sample picture?

Bitmapped Fonts

This a thousand times.

An Update?..Maybe?.

Looks like an update to me! And a pretty sweet one at that. Those skeletons look like they may have a little too much HP for my tastes, otherwise, it's charming my pants off. I made a zelda clone action battle system once but this beats the hell out of my attempt.
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