I like to mess around with pixels and pretend I'm really good at being creative. I also hike, travel, write songs, play music, make pizza, eat pizza, drink coffee, drink more coffee, and enjoy long walks on the beach.
Classic RPG adventure



RPG 20XX Engine

Did you create a entry for it under "composite" first and make it a full sprite? You have to, first. It's annoying for me too right now, RPG20XX will be able to detect this in the future and make one for you.

Ah, I did not do that. I'm having no issues now.

RPG 20XX Engine

Sorry for multiple posts.

For some reason when I go to select a full sprite for a player, no options to select an imported full sprite appear. When I click okay, the program crashes. I don't have this problem with imported face sets. This same errors occurs when setting full sprites for events, it crashes.

RPG 20XX Engine

Right now its either using the alpha channel (and saving as 32-bit .BMP or .TGA) or using the color (R=255,G=0,B=255). For some reason, FreeImage doesn't load the alpha channel in .PNG files.

Fine by me, #FF00FF is a damn ugly color anyway.

RPG 20XX Engine

I can't seem to figure out how to give images transparent backgrounds? Such as a string of words used for a title. I'm reading the documentation and examining the sample files but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any one want to give me a clue?

Super Talking Time Bros 1+2

I just downloaded this dual-pack of games and I am loving it. I just really wish the run and action key were separate.


Don't worry, me either. ;)


Sorry for the extremely late response, but I just got around to finishing this up.
I have to say, good work!
Especially in regards to the CMS.
Keep it up!
Looking forward to your next release.

Thanks for the response nonetheless! I'm glad you enjoyed it, though, did you mean CBS? Because the CMS should have been locked and inaccessible.

I'm still working on this, but I'm in the middle of a big move, so I haven't done much and thus don't have much new content to show. Hopefully soon I'll find some time to get back to it,


I like pretzels. :D

Real Tactic Package

Ahh, that makes sense. I kind of thought that they might be doing something like that since everything else seemed to function as intended. I understand things not being complete due to time constraints. To be honest, I was glad it jumped right into the TBS because that's really what I wanted to try out.

Real Tactic Package

Talk about an anti-climactic ending. xD This was really great. I enjoyed the simplicity of it and I found the battles were very engaging.

Maybe it's just me being terrible at playing TBS's, but I found the second battle very difficult, much more difficult than the last. I was swarmed by golems several times before I finally came up with a winning strategy.

As for bugs, the only thing I noticed was the elf healers didn't actually heal any of their allies.
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