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Classic RPG adventure




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What a pleasant surprise! This game looks fantastic!


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Line of Sight Plugin

@event_see_hero "1241", "3", "90", "100"

That's the one


... I am a hopeless fool. Removing the quotations solved the problem. Sorry for bothering you about that.

[Unpaid] Recruiting for a commercial project: calling all musicians!

There isn't any other information you could give?

Line of Sight Plugin

I received an access violation using this plugin with dynrpg .20

"Access violation in module "KazeLoS.dll" in with address 6EC0300E and offset 0000001D of type Read occured."

Reverse display priority of battle animations and pictures for rm2k3

I tried that, it still didn't work. No worries though, in another thread, bugmenot provided a workaround for me in the form of a Dyn QuickPatch. Thanks for your help anyway!

[RM2K3] Char Expand Patch


I've been asking a lot of questions lately and have received an amazing amount of help and I do have to thank the community for that. This will likely be my last request for a good while, so bare with me!

I was wondering if there were any DYN plugins or patches that allowed for something similar to Char Expand Patch for rm2k3 and not just rm2k. I've searched for hours and can't find anything.

EDIT: NEVER MIND, I found another lovely hidden patch by bugmenot that provides the same kind of functionality as 2kCharExpand patch for rm2k3.

[RM2K3] Trouble with Hyper Patcher 2 and Resource Hacker

Thank you so damn much! I was able to patch my RPG_RT file with everything I needed! Dyn, better auto entry, Change pic/animation priority, AND up to 126 pictures! This is amazing. Thank you!

[RM2K3] Trouble with Hyper Patcher 2 and Resource Hacker

This is all related to Cherry's patches and work-arounds for rm2k3.

I've downloaded the Better Auto-Entry patched RPG_RT v1.08 and can successfully patch it again using Hyper Patcher 2.01 to allow 126 pictures instead of only 50. The problem is, following the steps laid out on Cherry's site, you have to then again open up the RPG_RT using resource hacker and edit some strings. Specifically...


When I open the RPG_RT file in resource hacker, the only path I can find that is similar but not exactly the path laid out above is...


When I select "0", I receive a pop-up notification informing me "Stream read error", and I can't access it.

I already thought maybe this was connected to the fact I used a pre-patched version of RPG_RT, but even clean versions of RPG_RT v1.08 give me the same problem with the same path differing from the one outlined in Cherry's tutorial from his site.

I'm at a loss. I've done this before using an older windows OS and had no problem patching the Better-Auto Entry RPG_RT using cherry's Hyper Patcher 2. Could it be Windows 8.1? That seems unlikely but I just don't see what I'm doing wrong.

Any help or assistance from people who have experience with the Hyper Patcher would be greatly appreciated!