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Reverse display priority of battle animations and pictures for rm2k3

I'll give it a shot, I'm assuming with that file extension I'll have to use it in conjunction with the hyper patcher? I'll just try it and get back to you.

EDIT: Okay, so when I try to apply the patch using HyperPatch 2.01 I get this "Das gewählte Patch-Archiv enthält keine Patches für ihre Runtime-Version" which google roughly translates to: "The selected patch archive contains no patches for their runtime version"

I'm thinking the patch you gave me is not for RPG_RT v1.08? But I'm not sure.

[DynRPG] System/Custom Sound & Music Player

This is a simple yet very useful plugin. I'm using it in my custom menus and battle system. By using @se_cursor instead of individual instances of calling a specific sound, I can more easily make edits later on by changing the system sound effect. This saved a lot of time for me, thanks!

Reverse display priority of battle animations and pictures for rm2k3

I know cherry's Hyper Patcher 2 does this, but it only works for rm2000. I was wondering if there were any resources or DYNplugins available that could swap the overlay priorities so that pictures appear above battle animations?

[DynRPG] Particle Effects

I should probably clarify, the note I read was a comment left in one of the event blocks of the demo project. I don't receive any errors or crashes, the particles are simply not drawn on the screen. I brought it up because I thought I didn't have the most current version of DYN and that maybe the two were related. But if what you said is true, then I should have the latest version of DYN.

So yeah, the problem is the particles are not being drawn, not even in your demo project and I can't for the life of me figure out why. I even patched the rpg_rt in the demo file and I got nothing.

[DynRPG] Particle Effects

I'm having a hard time getting this working. I haven't had any trouble with your other plugins. I'm using dynrpg .13b, because for some reason, that's what downloads on cherry's site, not .14a. Regardless, I noticed in your demo project this note, "If you're not using the 0.17 or 0.20 .dll loader from DynRPG" What exactly is that referring to? I've checked around everywhere and can't seem to find much.

I'm sure it's something simple that I'm ballsing up.

XGB's Message Box (RPG maker 2000)

This would be very interesting to see as DYNRPG plugin. I found a very simliar RMVXAce script called SFonts. The nifty thing about it was the picture file format. It left the spacing between each character up to the user to decide and by doing so, I'm assuming, was made easier on the programmer. I'm not sure if something similar would be possible in C/C++ as it does appear to be a ruby specific thing.

...and by 'possible' I mean, I'm not sure if my assumption this would be an easier format is correct.

Whirlwind overview of the Ruby language

Thanks a bunch! This is a good quick and dirty way to dive into Ruby.

PepsiOtaku's DynRPG Plugin Emporium!

Well... I still get a delay, meaning, nothing happens until a monster or the player make the next move. But again, I don't know how you intended this to work. It works as a method of reigistering who used what and can make battles more interesting, but the delay makes event based attacks with a subskill not desireable.

Skie, are you experiencing no delay using this plugin to make skills? If so, would you mind PM'ing me how you're eventing this? I can't think of any other way to try and make this work.

PepsiOtaku's DynRPG Plugin Emporium!

Got an interesting result. Inflicting Samson with a condition that only set "No action allowed" seems to prevent your plugin from setting a skill ID variable. I'm assuming it also stops switches and Item ID variables but I didn't test for that.

I think it may be a problem with your plugin registering the IDs after the turn is taken. Here's how I came to this conclusion.

The first message displays on screen indicating the trigger check for whether or not the Combat archetype was selected, the "Attack" subskill or "Pass" subskill text never displays on screen, regardless of which subskill is chosen. The interesting thing is if you press f9 when the "combat" message pops up the SkillIDVariable is still set to 0 and the SkillIDSwitch is OFF. It's only until after the subskill is executed that those parameters are set.

Also, to note, I gave the dummy skills "Attack" and "Pass" animations to know while testing when they'd been executed.

PepsiOtaku's DynRPG Plugin Emporium!

So, this is obviously a different problem from your plugin. The reason I brought it up is because the battle trigger "uses the command" doesn't seem to work the way you describe it. Not to clutter your thread, but I've set up a battle event as you've instructed and there's still a turn delay.

Also, there's another separate triggered page resetting the variables and switches.