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The Store_Skill_Item ID plugin works but there is a delay from the skill execution to the registering it in a variable. Any trigger won't be executed until the next turn is taken by either monster or the player. Not sure if you intended for the affects to be immediate or not, it still opens up many more interesting conditional options, but it appears to be unfeasible as an extension to evented subskills.

Just out of curiosity, is there any conceivable way to say have a skill turn a switch ON when it's used? I know that there are "switch" skills, but they do not appear in battle and can not be assigned to a skill subset. Maybe even if "switch" skills could be re-assigned to a skill subset perhaps configurable by parameters set in the dynrpg.ini? Not sure if either of those are possible. You know what I'm getting at though, branching this gap would lead the way to better eventing of skills such as steal, jump, etc. As you pointed out in an earlier post. One thing I noticed, was if it were possible to bridge that gap, it opens up targetting options. rm2k3 battle conditions allows for the checking of "current target" as well as who took the last action. So if a dummy skill could be set up and identified for what it was via variable ID, you can event targeted stealing, analyze, or skills that do damage based on any algorithm or cost MP/HP based on any algorithm, etc., where the player is actively choosing the target.

PepsiOtaku's DynRPG Plugin Emporium!

It shouldn't interfere with anything. It technically works, but the timing of the event code is wrong (due to 2k3's sheisty battle system).

The store_item_skill plugin was just the plugin I was desperately hoping for a year ago. I have to ask, is there any way the timing issue could be fixed? This plugin would be absolutely amazing.

Regardless, I'm gonna be taking a close look at your plugins, they are something else. I was thinking about getting back into rpgmaking and this might be the final push of encouragement I needed.

[rm2k3] Custom Fonts

Just curious, is there any patch, method or plugin available that will allow me to use my own custom text style in rm2k3? If not, I know the Hyper Patcher can swap out fonts. How would one create a font that rm2k3 could use?

Bugfix needed

Doesn't RPGm2009 allow for larger sized battle animations for more frames? Are you using rm2009?

RagnaDyn lite?

You're doing it for each monster, too? Regardless, it shouldn't be that long of an event. Something like this.

>Set Variable "MP" to Hero1
>Conditional Branch if "MP" = 0
>>Inflict Death

Then cycle through for each hero and monster. You can even use the same variable, it shouldn't matter. Set an event trigger that will always be true, like "Party Exhaustion, 0 to 100%", so that the event will always be checking for anyone or thing with no mp.

After looking at the DBS commands, call common event isn't necessary. And since you can set variables to equal monster MP, you should be able to compact the code neatly into one battle event.

You'll have to copy paste battle events no matter what. That is unavoidable when working with the DBS. A plugin for this would be rather pointless when the code using default rm2k3 commands is rather simple.

RagnaDyn lite?

That is a hundred percent possible without a plugin. Ive made several similar triggers in that way.

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

I cant help but ask if there are plans to fix the transparency. Quite a few of my mapz have suffered aesthetically because of this.

[DynRPG Plugin]Text Plugin

Not sure if this has been mentioned, but when calling on a hero's name random symbols and text some times appear after the name. In case this is a special scenario, I am using a variable to reference the hero ID, as seen below.

@write_text "char1name", 93, v0455, "\n{\v{450}}"

note: brackets replaced with {}


Names should be displayed as: Samson, Martha, Parry, Hector

Ideas for plugins in dynrpg

:/ Good point

Ideas for plugins in dynrpg

Thats actually a viable alternative for number. what i was suggesting with map events being active, i meant the actual commands. I'm assuming here theres a difference between an event moving around and it commands once "activated". in this way you coukd avoid having to manually place a swit h in every event longer than a message box.