I like to mess around with pixels and pretend I'm really good at being creative. I also hike, travel, write songs, play music, make pizza, eat pizza, drink coffee, drink more coffee, and enjoy long walks on the beach.
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Videogames reduce crime

You could read the study. Or wikipedia page. Or Freakonomics. But the gist of the abortion causation was that people who would benefit most from abortions such as teens or singles or low incomes got an abortion instead of raising a kid as a single teen mom living in poverty. And sadly there is a link between kids raised in poor conditions and crime. :(

Ohhh, that's sad... but yeah, I was going to say, isn't poverty the number one cause of crime? Because people typically commit crimes out of need or desperation?

Also, I really don't buy this theory of video games reducing crime, specifically because of the above-mentioned cause of crime. If Video Games and technology do reduce crime, there's still this problem of poverty. Because poverty creates a barrier for those trapped in it to get easy access to technology.

There's also the problem of invented criminality, such as non-violent drug offenses, which at least in America, make up a huge portion of the prison population.

Proper education is also massively important to combating crime. Which, again, at least in the good ole US, has declined over the past two decades due to failed policies such as "No Child Left Behind" and "Common Core".

My views are very US-centric, but given America has the largest prison population of the world, I think it's relevant to point out all these failed policies as directly leading to our swelling private prison industry. Namely, a what-NOT-to-do guide when combating crime.

Searching for a new crew! (originally from Celes_Cole)

I would consider applying for the composer position. I just havent looked at the full project yet. I know youre not looking for one right now, but Ive been looking for a project to join and musical composition is my primary focus. My soundcloud doesnt represent my work as a proper portfolio. Ill be updating it over the next few weeks.

What are you thinking about right now?

I deleted my Facebook account.

Heyyy! Me too! About a week ago.

[RM2K3] Using Pictures with Panoramas for Maps

Try unticking scroll with map. Otherwise, what liberty is suggesting is creating a parallel process event that constantly refreshes the image. I feel this might create undesirable jittery effects. But to try this, create a map event, set to parallel processing. Under the event commands have it either show picture or move picture to desired coordinates. Show picture commands may lag the map so use only if move picture doesnt work. After that, set two or three 0.0 waits. It seems silly, but 0.0 wait commands actually count for a hundredth of a second or somethin like that, it will help reduce potential lag from a constantly looping event that is asking rm2k3 to redraw an image on screen.

Hope this helps. I feel like there is a much more efficient method but I havrnt messed with pictures in rm2k3 in a while. Rest assured, it can be done. Ive seen it before.


Did you make this? Because it's pretty awesome

RMN Composer Introductions

Hi! My name is Lance, and I'm a musicaholic (Gah, that was painful)

Artist names you are known by:
Drenrin, Dren, or sometimes, more recently, I go by LamePositive

Link to the best place to follow your work:
The only place I'm semi-actively updating lately would be my soundcloud account.

Though, a lot of that stuff is very experimental and provides a fairly limited scope of all the music I've composed over the years.

Contact information for commissions:
I'm open to commissions. I've never worked on an OST for any project besides my own but would like to start working with others in an area I feel most comfortable with.

The best way to reach me would be here on RMN.

Music genres and style influences of your work:
I like to think I have a broad range of influences from electronic music to gypsy pop to jazz or classical, but I know I can always expand more on my influences. Ska, punk, and reggae are basically the trifecta I grew up listening to, and their influences on my style definitely crop up in my work from time to time. I try to keep my horizons open and am always looking to push myself to do more.

Your choice of audio software:
For years I worked exclusively with Audacity and AnvilStudios, on occasion trying out other platforms. I know, terrible. Lately I've been using Linux Multi Media Studio and it's done wonders for me. I love it.

Instruments you play:
Guitar and Drums. I've been playing guitar for nearly ten years and have always had a thing for percussion. Drums can be difficult to afford and find space to store and use them, so I've been fairly inconsistently playing them over the years.

Your proudest accomplishment as a musician:
Looking back over the last 12 years since I first opened up a free copy of Finale and just started tinkering, without knowing a damn thing what I was doing, I can definitively say I've come a long way, to a point where I'm actually quite proud of a lot of my compositions. The greatest thing is knowing that from here on out I can only continue to improve myself, and there are plenty of things I need work on and plenty of bad habits I need to break. And that alone makes me pretty happy.

Game length and maintaining player interest

The trick is always to make it feel like it's somehow the player's fault that they lost!

This is all I meant.

Also. I really don't see the problem with short stories. You don't need an epic saga to tell a good tale with lovable characters, a memorable world, and an engaging plot. Novellas can be great, too!

Game length and maintaining player interest

I can see that. I think its important to really consider how exactly your designing your game and who your target audience is. If its a short rpg intended for more seasoned rpg players then yeah, get into the nitty gritty of what makes the game interesting and fun to play. I still feel like even in short games, the beginning shouldnt be too unforgiving. Then gain maybe theory is sometimes too strict. If your players go into your game knowing its unforgiving they may be more willing to accept death and all of its consequences, aka dark souls. But even then it has to be understood why exactly the player deserved to die and wherethey fucked up. Tough is fine as long as its understood.

Game length and maintaining player interest

True but I would argue thats more the exception than the rule. And late game is a different beast.

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Any word on whether or not the next DYN update will be for rm2k3 1.10a? Or is that not a cool question?

Is there a place I can follow the main devs? Like twitter handles or a blog.