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myspace? Thats so early 2000s. It's Facebook now.
maybe with your friends because i have a ton of friends who use myspace.

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Nah, I could tell with the shape of your eyes and facial structure. :P
ah, so what race might you be?

What comes to mind from the username above you?

oranges and fried chicken

Super Smash Bros. Melee vs Brawl.

i prefer brawl than melee. brawl has new features and new characters (some of my favorite). i just use melee to do the black hole glitch :D

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drgn_lord50: Are you Korean? O_o
yeah, im south korean. nice guess O_O

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Actually I'm morally opposed to social networking websites because they cheapen life in general, but maybe that's just me.
I'm with you 8 bit hero!! Oh and

i also agree with that. myspace takes more lives everyday :(

Is AIM down for anyone else?

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AIM is working fine. i think its just your computer.

AIM express lags a lot so i would recommend you actually download the program.

Did you read the above posts? I wasn't the only one who had problems with it. - -
well, ive been on AIM the whole day yesterday and had no problem with it. have you tried logging in today?

What happened to Phylomortis?

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I realized that perhaps if Phylomortis is too caught up in WoW we could transfer his resources to this site. Just to get this site some more hits you know?
we could, if we ask him first O_O

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I still think internet it NOT for porn. I am not going to go to the perverted side...
i agree with the pr0n. if you dont think its for that then what do you think the internet is for?

Pokemon MMO

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2D is gold.
2D + animations is platinum.