Are savestates cheating?

It's cheating depending on how you use it. If you use it to perfect something that occurs by chance or skill, then obviously it's cheating. If you aren't a hardcore gamer and you're playing a difficult old-school game, it's fine to use save states.
Honestly, I love save states because you can save anytime you want to. It's just too tedious to go back towards a save point and go back to where you were when you want to resume the game.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I've been playing Ys: The Oath in Felghana (PSP). It's known to be the most difficult Ys game to date. Even on normal mode, it's pretty hard. The developers even added a neat feature where you can respawn back to the map as you entered before you died. If you die at least 3 times on a boss, they even offer to lower the difficulty of the boss. Sounds ridiculous but it's there and often, convenient.


Yeah, I recently got back into development :)

Night of Marian

The word, "steampunk" caught my eyes.
Amazing graphics! Goodluck on this game and I hope to see a completion!

Limit Break System

Akkardo, your method works, however it is not efficient as mine. Also, there is a bug in your method. Your limit activates as soon as you take damage. A Limit Break system adds the damage until it is equal to or higher than your hero's max HP.

As for changing the battle commands, you can change them using common events. Create a new common event and add a new event command entitled, "Change Battle Commands" (can be found on the 4th page). The common event activates when your limit activates.


Chrono Trigger Review

The ironic part is that many people will be curious to how bad the game is and attempt to play it.
Nice review Corfaisus!

The 3 Hour Project

Looks good. I hope it lasts a decent time instead of 5 minutes of gameplay.
I'll try it out during my free time.


That is not a problem, that's the way it's suppose to be.
"1. "Reactive Hits" Battle System - Similar to Mother 3's Sound Battle, the player can hit the action key when the indicator appears to initiate combos. "

It's not exactly like it, just similar. Creating a combo system like Mother 3 is indeed possible (I found out while attempting) except I'm not great with beats and rhythm so it will fail.

Sore Losers Download...

Both of them work for me.