Yeah, I know the demo was buggy. It's also outdated...again. The next demo will come out around September?


I also got annoyed with the #1-4 keys after beta testing several of the menu options. That will be my last thing on my to-do list since it is not a major problem. I was debating whether to keep the puzzles or not because I'm not a great puzzle maker. Also, there weren't many puzzles in the Mother series so whenever I repeatedly tested the puzzles, I felt that I was playing another game. Thanks for providing some feedback!


@Cop Killa
I know the same way you feel. I don't expect my game to be as great as the man himself (Shigesato Itoi), however, he doesn't plan on releasing any more Mother games. He did mention in an interview that he "wanted to be a player" instead of making the game himself, so he encourages Mother fans to make their own fan game.

It will only be a 4-way movement. There is no pixel movement due to the amount of of work it would take to program a pixel movement on RM2k3. The original Mother had panel movement so I'm alright with it.

Comment notification?

This feature would actually be useful. I'm in for this.

Calling all developers...

I've also heard of this. My friends wanted me to join their team for this contest. I'm busy with another game so I rejected them. Also, the odds of winning this are slim.

Maybe some advanced users should form a team here and work together on something neat.


Thanks for all the comments guys :D

@Town Destroyer
"Also, I mainly focused on the programming rather than the graphics..."
That's my excuse :P My mapping sucks either way though, haha.

Mother Savior was epic. I'm surprised you've played it as well. I'm just upset that it got canceled :(


This game reminds me of echochrome. However, I found it rather easy and fairly short.
Nice use on the Mode07 though!

Hey look it's RMN3!

RMN3 is epic. Nice work! :D

Gameplay Videos

I personally use CamStudio for my videos. It has good quality + sound and no watermarks.

Asalieri, you can buy a USB Flash Drive to solve that problem. Just download and save the file into your USB from another computer that has internet, then transfer it to your computer and install it. USB Flash Drives come pretty cheap nowadays. You can get them almost anywhere.

Release Something! Day VII: Advent Children [Releases]

The Odyssey Board Game
Description: The title says all.