RPG Maker VX Template Project

HEY! RM2k3 is traditional D: Don't degrade it.
I haven't tried VX though; I might try it after looking at all these nice scripts :o

Black Falcon Bridge.png

Why does that guy remind me of Cloud in FFVII:Crisis Core? O_o

Where do you host your games?

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Release Something! Day VII: Advent Children [June 20th]

I was planning to release a demo of my RPG but it got delayed so I'm releasing my school project on the Odyssey. Fun fun...

Regarding use of face sets

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emotions are overrated. your game needs more swords.
I agree :D

Can't think of names -.-

Go to google and search name generator. There are several sites and some programs that can generate random names.

Summer Screenshot Spectacular!

A game in production.

The first screenie is a dynamic active battle system. Second is just a playground I'm currently working on. The last one is the test map. All custom graphics by me except the RTP in the test map.


Wow, this looks amazing. I need to play this right after school ends.


I drew mine. It's Lucas from Mother 3.

Black Sigil for the DS -- it's like FF6 and CT had a baby

I actually want to see how this game is like from reading all these reviews. Does the game suck that much? The trailer seemed quite promising. I assume the only reason why people would try out for the game is that it has familiar graphics and a familiar battle system.