Pokemon MMO

a pokemon mmo? hm...that would be interesting. how are you planning to program it?

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but i think of it as a drug that is hard to get rid of.

Wait what? Continuing the human race is like a drug that needs to be rid of?
no, pr0n is a drug. once you start watching its hard to stop watching it.


i like the idea of a walkthrough. i have some RM games that I'm stuck on because I have no idea what to do next.

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Jesus guys I can't believe we are chatting about the merits and demerits of various porn sites. I mean I love porn and all and might be an addict (whatever) but it's not something I like to share because porn is really fucking disgusting and I am ashamed that I watch it.
talking about pr0n is how perverts bond. :P

but i think of it as a drug that is hard to get rid of.


i like to play basketball with my friends during the weekends. we get together at one of our houses, play, and then freeload off the fridge XD

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Dont forget Megarotic.com :P
megarotic has good videos but you are limited. you can only watch 10 videos a day. you can only watch more with a membership or the toolbar.

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A month or so old. I dyed my hair since then.
wow, you remind me of robert downey jr, the actor who plays tony starks in iron man.

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Sonata Arctica - My Selene

What happened to Phylomortis?

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Given RPG Advocates view on rips (Something like 'If it isn't original its free for the taking without any sort of credit' I think), we should just take 'em. It would be a nice boost to RMN's resources ;)
yeah, most of the images are rips. i guess we could credit them for that.

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Drgn: My race is Amerikan.
ah, i see. you must have very good eyes. most people cant guess my race on the first try. some racist people call me chinese -.-