Hi there! I'm an Vietnamese Indie Game Developer. I like coding, draw pixel art. I also try to make some music when I have free time. Check out my game if you have free time. Thank you!

DevianArt: dsiver144.deviantart.com
Peaceful Days
A Simulation Game. Let's become greatest farmer ever!


[RMMV] [RMVX ACE] Dsiver144 Script & Plugin Shop (50% Discount)

Commission Count: 35+‚Äč

I'm running a 50% discount guys!

Hi everyone, I'm dsiver144. I have been working on Ace's script and MV Plugin for a long time so you can hire me by following instructions. Also I have worked for many people at RPGMakerWeb and they gave me some good feedbacks.
"+1 to MHRob "Dsiver144 is an awesome scripter" speech) Dsiver144 is very reliable, nice to speak with, super fast, doesn't get imatient or angry when i'm confuse him or myself with explanation of my ideas."

"Dsiver144 is nearing completion of a bestiary/monster book that I want to implement in my game, and though the final product isn't totally finished yet, I've seen the progress and I'm super impressed and happy with it! Not only is the product awesome - and trust me, I've been really particular with special notetags and stuff - like that, but the job has only been going on for like 2-3 days, blowing away my deadline of 30! Also, I've changed my mind on things twice after seeing the progress on it, and things have remained smooth. Highly recommended.

"Honestly, It's been a pleasure to work with him. He's been able to do everything I've thrown at him and even fixes any bugs that are found very quickly, which is greatly appreciated.

Definitely a reliable scripter. He's polite and is willing to take on things that I myself considered "Complex" and still pull through which always surprises me, to be honest. I am very much looking forward to commissioning him some more for scripts that I am still in need of for my current project.Honestly, It's been a pleasure to work with him. He's been able to do everything I've thrown at him and even fixes any bugs that are found very quickly, which is greatly appreciated."

  • You will have to follow the request layout below. You can shoot me a PM or comment below.
  • I may ask you some serveral questions during development and send you screenshot to show it progress.
  • When I finish the script, I will sent you an encrypted demo for testing purpose. If you don't like some think, I will fix it.
    When you feel okay with the demo, I can send you the script (with non-encrypted demo if necessary) before you pay me via Paypal

3. What I can do
Complex Harvest Moon-like system

Grid Item Menu



On map effect

Custom Scenes

House Decorating System

Weapon Fusion System

Crafting System

Equipment Upgrade

4. Commission I have done


Card Library

Cursed Object

Card Crafting System

Boss Stage Select Scene

Quest Log

Extra Weight System

Daily Reward System

And a lot of private commissions.

5. What I don't do
Big system like Battle system, 3D, online, etc...
6. Request Layout
Category of the script: Menu, HUD, On map system (Like Decorating system)
Game Resolution: It's necessary if it relate to Menu, HUD.
Description of script: Please describe it detail as much as you can.
Price offed: Just give a price. I will mostly accept it.
7. Conditions
You can use the script in commercial or non-commercial game.
You must list me in your game credits - dsiver144.
You can share it to everyone.
You can edit the script or ask someone to edit it for you.
You can't sell the script.
I will not do a script for less than $10. I will also refuse if you are clearly offering way less than it is worth.
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