We are the team from "Taiwan".

Nobody Studio is a team of indie game developers, we are not physical studio.
We use our own time outside working hours to make the game.
Because the lack of funds and expertise, our only goal is to finish the game .
We may not be able to meet the standards of other games on the market,
and there can also be errors in translation.
So if you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please leave a message to let us know.
Echo - Our Voice
Fantasy Action RPG <Echo>, Those voices come from you and I.



[RMXP] Echo (Long Action RPG) has been officially released Full version.

Hello everyone, we are a 2-person independent team from Taiwan called “Nobody Studio”. Our long action role-playing game “Echo” was officially released on Steam in December 2022. The game supports various controller operations and can also be played on Steam Deck.

It also has English, Japanese, Spanish, and Latin Spanish for players to choose from. The official version of the game can be played for more than 20 hours, and the free version of the game can be played for about 2 hours in the prologue. We welcome everyone to try it out and give us feedback on Steam to support us.

Steam for check details

[RMXP] How to make another resolution of screen

Did someone have good scripts for resolution of screen? (RMXP)

[RMXP] Hello! Would you like to challenge ARPG?

Welcome to try and play. :)

[RMXP] Hello! Would you like to challenge ARPG?

Hello, we are new from Taiwan!
We use RMXP to develop Action RPG.
You can try the Demo here!

We are Crowdfunding on Kickstarter Now.
Please support us. Thank you. :)

[RMXP] How to make another resolution of screen

No, you don't need to send PMs to anybody else. Liberty's in charge of game submissions, so, she should either accept it as-is, or deny it, letting you know what needs to change so that it can be accepted.

Good luck!
It's Availabled today!
I'm so glad to see this!
Thank you and Liberty! :D

[RMXP] How to make another resolution of screen

With the screen resolution, I wonder if XP has something similar to the Graphics module? I seem to recall seeing in the help file for VX Ace that setting the resolution to anything bigger than 640x480 would do nothing, and I largely suspect that XP is similar in that regard.

*Edit: With the game pending more than a week, I can only suggest that you consider sending a PM to Liberty. Though, I kinda suspect we'll be talking again soon elsewhere, but, who knows?

Thank you. I sent the message.
Do i need to sent something to another place for pending?

[RMXP] How to make another resolution of screen

Hello everyone!
Can i ask about how to zoom the resolution of screen?
I already try for some scripts.
But it can't work.
The RMXP is 640*480.
I want to zoom more like 960*720 1280*960.
Can somebody have good scripts can solve?
Thank you!

By the way...
Our game is Pending to wait for over 1 week...
It's need more time to wait? ;_;?
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