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Games I Want to Play :: a playlist on rpgmaker.net

Games with Download that I Want to Play and/or Am Currently Doing so

Slimey's New Adventure!
Nico has asked Slimey to get something for him. Of course that something is inside some dungeon.
Halloween Wars
Horror parody where four gifted children fight off a monster invasion.
War on Christmas (2013)
Did you know, that there is a War on Christmas?
Final Fantasy VIII: Slee...
When the sleeping lion awakens, grief will swallow it whole.
Blackmoon Prophecy
When the Crystals of Element are endangered, only one dragoon can save the day.
Reincarnation -Dawn of W...
Pilot Version of Reincarnation
Lakria Legends
Become one with Fate, or forge your own destiny. When a planet is on the brink of extinction, will you become its savior, or its downfall?
The Many of Us
The tale of Aiden and his quest to end the war between the kingdoms of Avelecia and Stromgard.
Autumnal Dreams
A prequel to Labyrinthine Dreams
Legends Of Illarion 2: S...
Prequel to the RM2K3 game Legends Of Illarion: A desperate goddess intervenes in mortal affairs, leading to a future of conflict between the Younger Gods.
Dragon Quest: Legacy of ...
Fangame inspired by Dragon Warrior 7 and Dragon Warrior Monsters
A Zeldaish RPG filled with puzzles and secrets. (unencrypted w/ full walkthrough included)
Legionwood: Tale Of The ...
A J-RPG style game with a huge world and 15 + hours of gameplay.
Tristian: Lady of the Li...
To what extent must I go to protect you, Ianna...
Solar Platypus
(A Solar Fox clone) Collect the solar cells whilst dodging plasma shots!
Gutter-Delve: The Closet...
Dark fantasy horror rpg with just a dash of cheesy camp and sexual innuendo!