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Games with Multiple Ends. :: a playlist on rpgmaker.net

RMN with Multiple Endings

“Hell isn't a place, but a state of mind. Hell lives within us all.” Backstage is a "classic" psychological horror adventure game made in 1 month, for the first ever Release Something (April, '0
Lamia Nox
Survival horror about a little girl and a large mystery.
The Reconstruction
A not-quite-typical adventure with a large cast and unique battle system.
Chrono Shift
A Fan-Made Chrono Series Prequel in RMXP
Dhux's Scar
A traditional RPG rife with over-the-top religious overtones!
Nonlinear Action RPG made for Game Chill 2009.
Chrono Alter
A remake of the 2007 RM2k3 game "Chrono Chonicles".
Visions & Voices
Who are you to stop the apotheosis of a madman?