You the practice of self-promotion



Gaming Advice With Professor Know-It-All: How To Become A Somebody In The Gaming Community And Get More Groupies

Another way to do it is to become an administrator, then take advantage of the power to showcase your projects on the frontpage.
You so bad.
Not really

You the practice of self-promotion ... our beloved politicians and megacorporations are really masters @ it. And yeah, just because you did doesn't mean we can't give you a hard time about it (I think most people probably just gloss over RMN's main page, so it's no biggie unless something deserving gets squeezed out).

Happy Holidays

Merry X-mas 2 U 2, Luchi! Sometimes you can't everything done that you wish for ... there's always next year. Although, you accomplished a LOT this year, I don't see why this can't be even better the next one.

Some news.

So it's close to being done ... Oh, man, can't wait for it!


Makes me want to ride the rocket too ...


She knows she wants it ... A candy cane uneaten is almost as sad as a toy not played with.

Progress Report XVI: Merry X'Mas and Happy Holidays!

Merry X-mas to the CA team ... may the New Year bring a great development and lots of feedback!

Merry Christmas you Wonderful People!

Merry X-mas 2 U Libby and everyone else that has posted so far. May you all have gotten nice gifts. Our family decided that we would open gifts until today in the morning so that we could look presentable and take pictures with natural light. I do hope my humble, yet thoughtful choices are well received ...

Ho ho ho, I'm sitting at work on Christmas morning! At least I get a big turkey dinner when I'm off.

Man, working @ X-mas is rough, but you have to do what you have to do. I my mself will have to wait for my turkey made by one of my sisters until lunch. Last night, my family and I had Mexican tamales Tamales, tamales colorados and tamales de loroco Guatemalan Tamales.

Then I tried to watch Life of Pi and couldn't stand watching it (managed to watch until the last 5 minutes) :P. Finally, Monsters U which I truly loved (go Mike!).

Had the most amazing night, Christmas came early this year.

Oh, no don't tell me. You did what?

Merry Christmas!

Merry X-mas 2 U 2! I'm glad you managed to post the demo as planned. :)

RMN Secret Santa 2013~ [Speculation Central!]

Damn, I already requested Libby for an extension. Real life got in my way (I finally finished buying my gifts just yesterday afternoon). What really will suck for me is not having my work computer (they want me to leave it behind) and thus I will have to play the game and review the game on a computer I lend from a family member (you see, part of the issue is they have no idea of my involvement with RMN and RM gaming in general so having to explain it to them might prove a bit embarassing).

Anyway, hopefully I can squeeze in enough underground playtime (for example, after everybody has gone to sleep) and writing concentration to submit my gift of decent quality in time for it to be delivered. Otherwise, it would be an IOU, that I definitely hate giving to anyone ... :(