Sweet Middleground 5 ~the cave~

Woah I was not expecting an action game sequel for this series! Looks great so far!
Looking forward to playing this!! :)

Epic Wings 2

Look at the carpet in the lower right corner floor 3. Looks like it continues to the right.....

Ahhh I checked out every corner of that 3rd floor! Can't belive I missed this!
Thanks!! :)

Epic Wings 2

@eevee93 I’m so happy to see that epic wings 1 and 2 have been give all of this attention. Thank you once again for playing this jrpg franchise! Refined Wood Supplies are sold by a fairy NPC in the forest of illusions where the fairies live. The puzzle walkthrough provided by yellow pencil is most definitely accurate and has served to help many players and streamers pass that stage of the game. I hope it will serve you well!!

Thanks finally got the wood supplies...
Is there a way to actually get to the 4th floor in that building in Nova City.. Even some of the NPC mention on why the building has 4 floors when we can access only 3..
Just wanted to know if its just for fun or is there really a secret 4th floor?

Epic Wings 2

Good afternoon @eevee93!! I've read your paragraph and have come to the conclusion that you are reading the instructions of a castle puzzle that is far later in the game. Apologies for the confusion! The castle puzzle that I think you are in has no levers. All you have to do is put 1 pillar at the top left where it clicks and 1 lever at the center of the chess floor where it clicks and the door should already be open. I could be wrong but this is what I remember from when the game was being created. I believe there is a pillar in the second floor that needs to be moved to the right spot also in order to enable moving the pillars on the first floor. The big red button only resets the pillars to the original position.

Ok I got through this part!
Also I wanted to know how do u get the Refined Wood Supplies??? I cant seem to find/make it anywhere. I'm unable to finish the city construction because of this :(

Also just wanted to point out this since I was looking at the Pillar puzzle solution, the solutions for the 3rd lever & "open the gate" parts only shows 1 pillar each(I) in the 5x5 grid and that the solutions for the 1st and 4th levers as well as the 3rd lever & "open the gate" are exactly the same. Only the 2nd lever seems to have a different solution..
Was wondering if maybe there was some typo in the these...

Anyway thanks for the help! :)

Epic Wings 2

I dont get it either....
I'm at the pillar puzzle in the csstle... I even looked up the solution for this but cannot seem to understand it... The solution mentions levers but I cannot find a single lever except the big red button...
The guide shows it to be a 5x5 grid but the chess floor is 7x7 and because of this I cannot even follow the guide on where to push the pillars....
The only place I can hear a "Click" is if I place a pillar in the exact centre of the chess floor but then I cannot hear any other click for the second pillar after moving it everywhere....
I also tried placing the second pillar in the empty single corner at the top left but there too I hear a click and then nothing happens....
Plz help!!!

Epic Wings

Hi @Eevee93 Thank you for playing a game by Thenerdmansion! You can travel between both sides of the world Sunny and Snowy continents by entering the Mage tower. I hope you are enjoying the game!

Ok yeah I got it now. Was able to get back through the tower. Thanks!

Edit: Ok I also cannot find Fernando.. I have interacted with every object and spoken to every single person in the building but not able to activate the button on the statue as you have mentioned in a previous post. What is the "riddle" we need to solve to get him to appear?

(Edited to remove another question I had added because I figured it out)

Epic Wings

Ok so I'm at the snowy area and I just got access to climb the mountain. However, I went up to the castle and got a broken fuse for the power. I cannot remember where the guy who fixed the previous fuse was. Wasn't he in the town with the casino??
If yes then I can't find a way to go back to that town. I exited the casino town and all of a sudden was in the snowy area with the bridges. I went to all the towns here and I cannot find the person who fixed the fuse last time
There seems to be no way back to the casino town...
Plz help. Maybe the fuse guy is somewhere else and I'm remembering wrong?

Edit: Ok so I completed that treasure quest and now got a Shack Key. Again I have no idea where this goes...

Bloodstained Hands

Wow, I'm impressed you were able to take on those bosses without the ultimate weapons! That's impressive! Even I have difficulty with them without a good loadout.

I think you got them all! There is one more secret final boss, but it doesn't become available until you reach level 99, so it's more of a second playthrough (or third or fourth) boss. Nice work!

There actually is a reason behind why the bosses are where they are. I'll explain below.
So basically, I wanted to create a boss for each region and dungeon, even if there wasn't a boss included in the story. To that end, if a region already has a boss, they didn't get a super boss. In the Belua Prison, you've got the Black Knight, in Emerdala there's Atlach Nacha, Mount Fulmen had Kouryuu, the Towers had Tarasque and Bahamut, Glacio's Throat had the Leviathan, the Mines have Crevasse, and the Veins have Lindwurm.

Anyway, that's why some regions have optional bosses and others don't!

I guess I was sleep deprived when I wrote my previous post coz I only encountered these but did not defeat all of them.(Don't know why I typed defeated SMH) The only ones I managed to defeat was the Fish and the orbs on Mt Fulmen(I tried the dragon but he was extremely strong so I left him for now).
I also tried the Black Knight 2-3 times but he was quite strong but I think I can defeat him if I upgrade my weapons.
I guess I'll have to start the weapons for now n then get the remaining bosses...
Also out of curiosity, where is that lvl 99 secret boss? Is it only available in NG+ coz I have the regular version only.. I'm only asking so that I can avoid it because I'm nowhere near the required level n don't want to unintentionally trigger the fight lol..

Thanks for the info!

Bloodstained Hands

Ok so I completed all the side quests(acc to the ones mentioned in the Side Mission Tab) and I'm about to start the mission for acquiring the weapons.

I also finished some optional bosses. Want to make sure I got all the bosses before I start the weapons mission. I checked the bosses from the Story Mission Guide but just in case can you let me know if I missed any boss from the list?
I have defeated these so far...Added under spoiler tags

Black Knight
The Fish monster in the 5 Islands
The worm thing in the Veins
The creepy dark monster in the Mines
The dragonballs(hehe) in Mount Fulmen

I think I may still be missing some optional boss. Maybe there's something in Diamo or the Nothern snowy region? I feel like there's not much that happened in that area simce I was there last maybe?
Thanks in advance!

P.S: Don't ask how I got to this point so quick, apparantly I have wayyy too much time on my hands than I'd like to admit...

Bloodstained Hands

Hey, thanks for playing! Unfortunately, controls in RMVX are a ridiculous nightmare to deal with. There is a read be file in the root folder of the game that explains controls better, as well as a section in the Guide, which is accessed from the menu.

However, assuming you haven't changed any controls for any previous games made with RMVX, you should be able to escape from battle by holding the Q key. Or possibly A. It's one of those two, can't remember off the top of my head right now.

Thanks for playing!

Hello! I got the escape key. It's the Q key to escape from battles. One point I want to note(it's just mildly annoying tbh) is that the escape bar fills extremely slowly especially when there's 3 or more enemies(sometimes even with 2 enemies) and this causes the party to take lots of damage during that wait time.. IDK Maybe it's meant to be like that or I'm just low-leveled to endure the hits(I'm currently in the desert area around Astrid's Castle rn), but just wanted to point this out...

Also, I have one question. How do you start on the tasks that some random village people talk about? There are many people in different towns that make a comment that they require something and these items are highlighted in RED.. I'm sure all these tasks are somehow connected and will be completed one by one as I travel to different towns. I also recall the first request(not 100% sure) was in Emeralda where one person asks for something SHINY. I had no idea what to get for this task & so I never started it...
Could you please help with this? I was thinking I would backtrack and try to complete this before moving too far ahead. I think I already am very far ahead n now most likely have to go back to every possible town before the Desert Area :/
Thanks in Advance!

Also another question in spoiler:
Is there any specific quest for that Monster Fish boss in the whirlpool near the 5 Islands? I accidently started a battle with it while I was sailing there and my party got their butts whooped. Do you reccomend a specific level the characters need to be to attempt this boss or do I need to do something else first or can I ignore it for the time being?