A Thief's Voyage

Just talk to all NPCs (outside) in the starting town and you should find the pancake seller - or wait until walldeaf provides better help later. ;)

@Spermidine >> Thanks a lot! I was able to find the pancake seller!!
If anyone wants to know the location...
It's the Lady dressed as a maid(next to the bard) in the northern part of the first town

Thanks again!!

A Thief's Voyage

If I remember correctly, the pancake seller was in the first town in the upper left corner, but didn't appear right at the beginning of the game (only after completing the first dungeon, I believe).

Oh, I checkecd all the towns but still can't seem to find the seller.. :/

A Thief's Voyage

Sorry for the multiple posts but my previous post was getting kind of long..
These are the bugs I came across:

1] In the mine cart maze, in one of the stops in the south of the dungeon where there are 2 chests on 2 different rails blocked by a pillar in the middle (the one where u can get the right side chest first)(I hope u understand which location of the maze i'm talking about, sorry I couldn't get a screenshot of the location) After getting the chest I hopped into the cart from the left side and this glitched the cart and the cart ended up not following the rails and my character was floating through the mines and it stopped at a point where I was just floating somewhere and I could not move at all and had to reset my save. Also when I played the maze for the first time for some reason I could not save. Pressing ESC didnt bring up the menu and that's why after I came across this bug I had to start the maze all over again. Although the ESC menu & save was working fine when I played the mine maze for the 2nd time

2] I got a popup error in SkyCity town, in the place(bar?) where all the Obsidian Order soldiers are. When u talk to the single soldier sitting at the counter(he's facing forward and u can't c his face), I got an error msg and the game crashed.
Img ss
(Idk if u can view this image...)

3] Also after the Fenna cutscene in the volcano dungeon, I went back after some time to get the remaining treasures and I noticed her sprite was still there. Nothing happened when I tried to interact with her though, she was just stuck there i guess.

4] This is more of a question than a bug: But where can I find a pancake for the pancake trophy? It says all towns but I couldn't find any shops selling pancakes in any of the towns.. Am I missing something? It was bugging me because it was the only trophy i couldn't get..

A Thief's Voyage

I just finished the game. It was quite interesting..
These are just my silly observations, please don't take this as a review or anything and I hope u don't feel bad about any comments.. (I'm not trying to be rude or anything) :)

The white dialogue text was a bit hard to read sometimes.. Rest of the comments in Spoiler tags!

I wish the ending was more well planned like we just find out, out of the blue MC is a literal god at the final scene, I wish there more build up scenes suggesting he was a supernatural being

Fenna never got to reunite with her brother, actually she's missing out of the ending completly! I wasn't sure but did her brother die in the end??

Are we just supposed to ignore Syndicate Manley's evil actions. I thought he would be put into the SkyCity jail or something

That being said it was a pretty good game and u managed to pull off so much in just few months so I can't really complain.

Overall the game was nice and it was a good excuse to kill time. (Idk if i was extra bored but i finished the game in less than 10hrs) I hope u can make more games like this in the future. Thanks!! :)

Sweet Middleground 4 ~the sand castle~

I got 3 of the 4 clams. But I just can't seem to understand how to get the last one(next to the 2 crabs at the lower right cliffs). Maybe it's really obvious for others but my brain just isn't working today. If I can't even solve this one, I don't know how I'm going to get past the next puzzle with the sticks/brambles. It sounds even more tough than the clams
I'll screenshoot up a solution for these, and for the brambles in anticipation. Gimme a moment~

Edit: here it is. Just like in the old magazines.

Thank You So much!!! I feel like a total moron who doesn't know how to solve a simple puzzle and just instantly gave up & asked for help at the drop of a hat.. Sorry for the trouble..

Sweet Middleground 4 ~the sand castle~

I got 3 of the 4 clams. But I just can't seem to understand how to get the last one(next to the 2 crabs at the lower right cliffs). Maybe it's really obvious for others but my brain just isn't working today. If I can't even solve this one, I don't know how I'm going to get past the next puzzle with the sticks/brambles. It sounds even more tough than the clams

Sweet Middleground 4 ~the sand castle~

Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble collecting the clams.. I need to be 2 steps away from the crab to push it away right? But in tight corners I just cant seem to turn around in the same spot to face the crab, I always get moved to the next step. Am I doing something wrong? Plz help!

Son of Heaven

I finished the game. It was quite entertaining... I'm not sure if I completed all the hunts. I definitely completed all the Skydawn hunts at the 2 notice boards[one in front of the inn & the other at left of the city from the main city entrance(not sure if there were more notice boards in the city I missed)...
Also, How many playable characters & summons are there? (The last character I got was Drakon)
Thanks for the game.. I will definitely play the sequel, if you choose make one!! :)

Edit: Whoops.. Dint check the description, looks like I got all the characters! :)

Son of Heaven

Hi. sorry for the multiple posts... But I'm stuck again! I'm really confused with the number of quests/hunts in the capital city (Skydawn?)
I completed the werewolf, lamia & the ogre hunt.. I know there's another hunt for a monster that's in the ocean somewhere but i'll do that last...
Is there a hunt for any bandits in the sewers?? I vaguely remember getting a quest for this (because I remember thinking that "oh no, I'd have to go back to the sewers again") (I can't even check the hunt board again because it shows the text only once)

I'm not sure if it was a hunt or a quest... I even remember one guy giving me a quest for something but again I don't remember which NPC it was!!(I'll just have to talk to everyone again I guess)...

Also, I came across an old man(the one on the pink carpet) in the sewers near marker 7.. I tried talking to him but nothing happened. I can't seem to interact with him at all.. What do I need to do here?

Plz help!! The lack of a Quest/Hunt journal is very difficult :(

Son of Heaven

Hi, I need some help. I'm at the town where the mayor's son gets kidnapped.. I met a person who gives me a side quest with something to do in the north of the mines(?) He goes ahead and says he will wait at the mines for me but I'm not sure where to go exactly to meet him because I accidently skipped over the quest text too fast.. I already backtracked to the mines before this city but he doesn't seem to be there... Plz let me know where to go..
(P.S: It would be really helpful if there was a quest journal to keep track of stuff)

Edit: I found the mine and completed the quest...