The Way EP 1

A game well deserving to be on the featured games list. This game by far has the best story i've experienced from all sources of media (games, tv, movies, etc)

Any games as good as The Way

Thanks for the recommendations guys. I've played a blurred line years ago and remember liking it. I'll have to check out the final fantasy endless nova and legion saga.

I've also updated the post with things I like about The Way so the thread has more detail of what made The Way so good in my opinion

Any games as good as The Way

Are there any games on here that's nearly as good the best game made to date: The Way?

Edit: Here are the things I liked about the way in order of importance and would hopefully look for as many of these qualities in another game:

- A deep intricate story (most important)
- The game was a huge tragedy
for everyone except Strata. Khloe's master screws another girl, Rhue's entire adventure was a lie and he loses his identity, Lyra having her whole family killed, the Landorin massacre, and a lot of main chars dying

- Being able to turn off all battles
- The soundtrack
- A love story
- The setting of being a wandering traveler

The Ledge

Did what I would do in real life and he died almost instantly lol.

Second run through he got me

War of Existence

I absolutely loved this game. The story and setting is absolutely amazing. I ended up getting the bad ending. How do I get the other endings?

Blank Dream

Holy shit this game is really good. The music, the atmosphere/scare factor, and the general vibe was really good (I especially loved the smiling party).

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

I've been saving my money and level eggs for Fate's home town and then the game hits me with a to be continued O-HAHAHAHAHAHA


Half a year since the last post, but might as well!

I've been looking for information on Line's End. Everything is either really old or other people asking about. To add to the countless questions... is this still being worked on? When I finished A Blurred Line this morning and saw the sequel is coming this winter I got really excited, then saw it was supposed to be winter 12 years ago.

By the way, this is my favorite RPG Maker game. Probably top 10 ever. Something about it...

Top 10 for me too. Maybe one day lys will come back and finish it

For some reason, the arrow keys won't work in any game.

I have the same problem. I've had it for weeks now and ended up giving up. I'm going to try restarting my PC, open up nothing but the game and see if that works.

Schuld (English Translation)

It wasn't as scary as Desert Nightmare, but it was still an awesome game. Crazy plot twist near the end o_O
horror, psychological, crazy plot twist?
Sounds like my kind of game!

An excellent game, not scary at all, but with several awesome maps and events, and fair challenges.
The story becomes very interesting after a short while but at the end too many questions remain.

what are you talking about? There are no questions that remain..
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