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標本少女 | Hyouhon Shoujo | ...
Four young women awake in four different rooms, with no memories of how they got here in the first place...
Remebering what she was made to forget.
Midnight Train
Will you be able to find the next train? Time is running out!
Follow Maisie on a quest across the fantastical world of Arcadea to find someone precious to her....
A game about friendship, loss, and white lilies.
A surreal, exploration, horror RPG. Travel between new (old) worlds and uncover new (old) mysteries with your new (old) friends! ♥
The Witches' Tea Party
Make friends and defend world peace...or not
He Lied
Peaceful Days
A Simulation Game. Let's become greatest farmer ever!
"We were a family"
Dream Eater
A horror-fantasy about sad and lonely people.
A short puzzle RPG
Dead Illusion
A horror game with flashlights, jumpscares, mystery, and a fair share of monsters.
Angel Key
"If the world is coming to an end, then so be it"
World's Dawn
"The best of Harvest Moon coupled with better writing" (IndieGames.com)
Crimson Shift
You control an Assassin trying to break free and learn the truth. You can help her, or take her down a different path.
Jimmy and the Pulsating ...
One day, Jimmy looked inside.
Darkest Dreams
Can you withstand the worst nightmare and uncover it's secrets?
Black Future
Epic Snes-Styled Space RPG
The Huntress of the Holl...
Little... Pink Riding Hood?
Alice: The 1st Story
Welcome to Wonderland. You are currently in the Heart Territory. Enjoy your stay and try not to die!
Six students play a cursed board game that whisks them away to a twisted version of their school. Between deadly traps and chasing monsters, they must finish the game if they want to survive.
Cover Your Eyes
Monsters have come out to play.
The Village Demon
A long story-oriented game dealing with an omnipotent being and the repercussions.
In the Dark
An RPG Maker horror game about old gods, talking flowers, and a poor pitiful woman with no memory.
The Allison Door
A psychological horror game. Currently writhing in flux.
Aria's Story
A story about a girl who loves books.
"The more you use them, the more you drown"
Fake Happy End
In the middle of the sky, stood a... 'tower' of sorts...
Eulogy Of The Void Godde...
The word police has arrived.
A Sun of Salt
A horror / romance in which you gain the ability to read your crews most personal thoughts.