Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer Review

You're right on the fact that it's not as senseless as I made it sound. I know that this game has an appeal to it, it has good gameplay elements. I myself am a fan of puzzles, from simple Tetris to Puzzle Planet League, as well as logic and "Sierra" logic. This game is a good game. It's just not my kind of game.

I did figure out how to sustain the traps mashing the 1 and 2 keys. All the same, and I will admit I don't even know why, there's this uncomfortable pressure or difficulty I experienced that just feels... odd, uncomfortable even.

Still, this review isn't to take away ANYTHING from your hard work. This game is amazing in many senses of the word, but there's definitely going to be some people who won't like it. All the same, I certainly hope this game, and it's upcoming sequel, get the recognition it deserves.

Good Day to All

Hello everyone! I am Emanuel Sapinkopf, but just call me Emmy. I've already started doing a review, but I feel like I should introduce myself to the community now. Better late than never...

I hope to be a respected reviewer on this site, as well as perhaps a tester for some of you developers out there. To be honest, I also have some ideas for games myself, but only in writing. I dabble a little in sprite art too, but not enough to be well known or used as a resource. So, I do a little bit of everything I suppose, except for actually MAKE games. xD I've tried, but honestly there's just some sort of learning block between me and code, not that I can even install a toaster without breaking something, much less my own computer...

At any rate, I will gladly review a game, point out what needs fixing, praise what needs praising, and offer some advice. I might not know HOW the process goes, but at least I have a keen enough eye to spot what needs fixing.

If you want to see an example of my reviews, just look at Leo and Leah: A Love Story. And if you want to play a game. PLAY Leo and Leah. No, really, it's awesome.

Leo & Leah: A Love Story Review

Believe me, as far as this game is concerned, nothing dragged on. Part of me wishes that you or another fan would come in and tweak this some more, not the gameplay elements but the length, to add on more stuff. I wouldn't mind seeing an upgraded Leo kicking all sorts of ass.

Also, you're selling yourself AWFULLY short on the tweaked battle system. It was a wonderfully made system that allowed the gamer to plot his way through the battle. Rarely did I find myself going through Lazy mode because I honestly enjoyed the experience of fighting. :)

I'm glad I could point out the abusive strategy, but who knows, you could leave it in. As abusive as it is, it allows gamers that are frustrated too easily or players that are trying to sink into the game carefully to enjoy it more. I know I mentioned it as a flaw, but I'd almost recommend to keep it, or if not a separate version with the same coding involved. You could call it "Leo and Leah: Easy Mode." xD I know that sounds a bit like mocking, but I am wholeheartedly honest when I say this.

While I doubt you will add more, since it seems obvious you'd rather stick with success than try to fix something that's not broken (I'd do the same in your shoes,) I would be blissful to see a sequel, or prequel, or at least another game based around the battle system. I know I've already gushed about it, but it's soooooo good! There was barely any level-grinding needed, if any, and you used enemy sprites that were perfectly mixed rather than how some less successful developers use sprites that go as far from Breath of Fire 2 to Final Fantasy, which you can imagine mixes just about as well as water and oil.

I was also ecstatic to see the psychological horrors involved. I'd almost recommend making a game based around the terrors of the mind, in fact, but by now I'm just rambling.

I'm honored that you replied, and I'm glad I could bring something new to your attention. ^_^ And to everyone else that read this and the review, once more I implore you to play this game!

Leo & Leah: A Love Story

Great game, and I didn't even play through A Home Far Away yet. Although, from what I've read of it so far, I imagine some references of this game are already in Leo and Leah. I can't recommend this game ENOUGH to others.
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