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[RMVX ACE] Can't extract compiled files?

Hey, folks! I'm tryin' to extract someone's game so I can play it for Secret Reasons, but every time I try to do it, the little window that's supposed to prompt me to extract the files never comes up. Instead I see the dreaded blue loading circle that continues indefinitely.

Every once in a while, windows smart screen will pop and say "THAT FILE'S NOT SAFE!!!" and I tell it to calm down and open it anyway, and then it just... doesn't do it.

This has happened to me before as well? I had some trouble playing Virtual Grappi for this reason (the files wouldn't extract), and now I've tried extracting two more games from a different creator with no luck. It gets weird, tho, since these are the only three games that have given me this issue. I've extracted other games, no problem.

FTR this person is my secret santa and thus I won't disclose who it is on here! But if you wanna take a look at the actual file for some reason, PM me and I'll point you in the right direction.

I'm currently using Windows 10, if that helps anyone! Anyway, hope someone can help me out. Thanks for your time!


I've got mail! Wait a sec, no I don't.

Hey there! I keep getting a notification for a PM that doesn't exist. The mailbox tab on my RMN bar thing keeps flashing and says Mailbox (1), but when I hover over, it tells me there are no unread messages. And when I click to my mailbox, it keeps on flashing.

I've refreshed the page, closed and re-opened my browser, and even restarted my computer. Nothin'. Anyone know how to ghostbust my inbox? The flashing light is starting to get to me... ;__;

Also my apologies if this question has already been answered elsewhere, I only did a very quick glance of the support forum before posting. I've got pancakes fryin' up, okay OTL

I am utterly useless and cannot figure out ignore features

Hello, I am a computer illiterate scrub who cannot for the life of me figure out how to unignore people. I mean, I like keeping the occasional person in my personal shadow realm oubliette same as any other person, but eeeehhhh I've changed my mind on someone and eeeehhhhh I can't figure out how to fix it.

ANYWAY if anyone has hot tips on how to stop ignoring someone, I would be infinitely grateful. I've searched for things like "unignore", "how do I stop ignoring someone", "why does my mother still love me when I cannot do even this simple task in this, the year of our lord, two thousand and fourteen" and found nothing.


i'm back i guess??

i used to be pretty active around here, but then life hit me like a tonne of bricks and i kinda... disappeared off the internet for a long while. i have been feeling great nostalgia for my gam mak days and now feel the desire to mak gam again, so i will probably be lurking around here and gradually becoming more active again!

anyways yeah yo i'm back; i return and plan on crushing even more dreams and dropping OTL bombs everywhere when i'm around

What happens when you share your favourite games with people?

So, my girlfriend started playing Final Fantasy 9 (my most FAVOURITE GAME EVER and no this is not a thread to debate that fact; JUST DEAL WID IT), and I basically got super excited everywhere. She then had fun running around, killed one of her allies in the first battle, and named Zidane "Dorkus", Vivi "SkulKid", and, most... entertainingly (???) Steiner "ButtFuk".


(actually these are dirty lies; I pissed myself laughing when Queen Brahne shouted "Captain ButtFuk!")

IT GOT ME THINKING: what experiences do you guys have sharing games with your loved ones? Any hilarious stories, experiences, or just overall disasters that resulted from watching a friend/family member/partner play your favourite game?

Oh hey dudeskis. What's up?

Welp, I'm a regular over at RMVX.net, but I wanted to start up a project blog over here, too, as the site looks pretty rad. c:

I hope to get all sorts of rad pointers and what not for my project, and maybe get to know a few of ya~ x3
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