Just one of those who enjoys playing indie RPGs and looks out for really good-quality ones.

I'm also an unofficial game translator and have finished English translations of two top-quality Japanese RPG Maker RPGs: Seraphic Blue and Nocturne: Rebirth. Both games and their game pages can be accessed on the right of this profile.

Finally, I'm currently working on translating a visual novel called Aiyoku no Eustia :) I'm also eyeing on three future Japanese RPG Maker RPGs that I may plan to translate in order of priority once they're out and I've played them. The official and blog sites are as follows:

- Hatalonia: A New Little World (literally Hat World) (v210) (Now available in Japanese!)
Blog Site: http://rpgex.sakura.ne.jp/home/
Official Site: http://rpgex.sakura.ne.jp/littleworld/

- Shinobiya (Winter 2019 Target Japanese Release)
Blog Site: http://nanabuluku.dokococo.com/
Official Site: http://shinobiya.at-ninja.jp/

- Grand Intention: Adjustment (Unknown)
Blog Site: http://rrr3.jp/lightning/index.php
Official Site: http://rrr3.jp/game/game.html
Nocturne: Rebirth (Engli...
The story of a vampire whose life begins to change after meeting a girl...

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