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does anyone know how the hell you're supposed to get out of the mirror maze? i'm seriously stuck

Pocket Mirror

They test the games here before accepting additions, right? I just wanna make sure it's not full of misc bloating content or whatever before I devote that kind of space to an RM game.
We don't test the games here before accepting, unfortunately. If we did that we'd never get any games on the site due to just how many come through. It's best to check for yourself or ask here for people to check for you.

1.8 GB
is fucking ridiculous for an RM game, though, so I wouldn't bother. There's a reason we have a 400MB size restriction - because even 20 hour RM games rarely reach that big a size, even VX Ace ones. Anything over 1GB is either full of bloat or has movie files thrown in. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that they accidentally included the whole series of FRIENDS in the download, with that size.

Personally, I won't be downloading it while it's on Mega. Requiring you to install stuff in order to download an RM game is just stupid. I'd recommend making a Dropbox account and storing it there, then linking it to RMN and using that instead. It's a lot more stable and there's no requirement for people to install hinky bullshit on their computers just to get the game.

you don't need to install anything to use mega tho??? installing the mega extension is just an option, not something you must do
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