well I'm not new to RPG making however I don't have any particular skill in scripting. looking for a scripter. Iam great a spriting though.
Pudymon Nightmare
A Pokemon based game


[RMXP] [SCRIPTING] Need help! Looking for a script!

I am searching for a script that will allow my players to have a sort of chess like combat that allows certain classes to be limited to certain directions of movements. Also I screwed up my script is there some way to reset it?

looking for team!

Looking for a team to help me make two Pokemon style games...
Almost no experience required (I have very little myself)
open positions:
Alpha, beta, and omega testers
scripter (s) (pokemon battle/item kind of thing...)
(Battle, run, items, other "pokemon")(only four moves available)
Spriter (must be .PNG or .JPG)(only need help)
movie maker (cut scenes)
BTW (all applicants must be able(parents permission/memory left on computer) to use RPG maker XP and/or RPG maker VX ace)
My skills:
map making

heres the game page take a look if you want...
Pudymon Nightmare...
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