A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.



Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Well, I have just created a text phraser in RMVXace with the help of some keyboard and text input.
The idea is to make a detective text adventure in Rpg maker, complete with people typing in semi natrual text to continue conversations.

What are you thinking about right now?

Got jumped by a couple of guys. Healing up right now. I'm good, but good does not make a 4 on 1 fight balanced.

So remember kiddies, carry a hammer or some kind of weapon with you, even to work. Because you never know when a group of asses will attack you.

Catching up thread

@Pianotm: That's not a bad car. God knows it beats the tincan bug I'm driving right now. One look at the mannual dates it to the 1970s in a cinch.

@Yellowmagic: Ahaha, you don't even want to signup for my kind of luck. Getting into that situation was so dangerous it was unreal; I was planning on running to Hong Kong or Austrailia, when my insane ex threw me out of my apartment, during a typhoon. Then she got me fired, tried to call the taiwanese government on me and I just barely managed to become a missionary for the homeless in Taipei and avoided starving.

That being said, I can relate to the whole relationship deal. It's rough out there, and then you got to be careful not to deal with a crazy woman like my ex or the girl in your posts.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I am making a educational game for a future English tutoring course I am setting up.
Really got to thank Tsukihime for that text input script, it's going to be super useful on this question based battle system. (Answering a question correctly will deal damage to the enemy. If the answer is the "best" answer, it will deal critical damage. If the answer is "right" but not the ideal answer, it will deal normal damage. And if you miss, it will allow the enemy to deal damage to the hero.)

I think I can inspire my students to read faster if I am using a kinesthetic form of teaching with this game. It's something I think will help with certain problem students I have had difficulty teaching before.

My only worry is submitting it on RMN, mostly because it's a bilingual Japanese-English game, and god knows my japanese writing is not perfect.

Do you guys have any other ideas I could implement into a educational based rpg?

Catching up thread

Catching Up Thread

Well, I am sure there are times we all fall behind, become busy IRL, and thus lose contact with each other. Some of us have lives, and well they can be quite dramatic and other times we just get caught up in work~

So, let this be the one Thread where we can all share what events has happened to us IRL, whether just after a break or after a long day at work, unload that baggage here.

Let me see... I just returned from Asia. I was working in Japan as a car salesman, but after I quit, I did not qualify for a working visa. So, without enough money to return to the states, I got a ticket to taiwan and spent the next 3 months as a illegal teacher. Finally, after a bad breakup, I became a homeless priest in Taipei, until the State let me borrow money to return to America last month. Currently recovering from malnutrition.

Ok, how about you guys? What has been going on in your lives for the past few months?

The Japanese Justice System

As somebody who has lived in japan for a couple of years, take my advice: Bribes are the way to go in Japan. Just pay your bribe and you will get off most crimes; The konban system creates a form of classism within the police force, and severely limits their chances of advancement and puts a solid limit on their respective salary. Just remember that they have a wife and kids, and that giving them a little spending money will always be appreciated.

That being said, it seems that this is more generally a moral problem rather then merely a curropt justice system. After all, ask anybody who lives in Saitama or Kanagawa in the rundown districts (Such as Kawaguchi or Kita Kurihama...), or even in south Osaka that the yaks(slang for yakuza in kansai) are better police then the actual state hired goons. Friendlier to foreigners who have adapted to the local culture as well.

And to top it off, this article does not even go into the legal juxtaposition in certain military "american" towns in Japan, such as Yokosuka or Gunma, where if you are not careful you will have to be dealing with local shore patrol MPs rather then Japanese police if you get into trouble. And that's if the JSDF form of MP does not manage to get ahold of you first (The JSDF does not have to put you through a court hearing. They can decide on the punishment from a higher ranking official for any civilian arrested, without the need of a trial.)

This article is a very shallow one, sadly enough. I wish people would focus more on fixing the corruption with the Land Development Buearu, which believes that funding casinos is essential "development" rather then fixing certain cities and cleaning them up.

Game developers that don't... like making games...?

Look: I'm a salesman. It's my trade. A video game is a product, to be built and manufactured and then marketed and sold by somebody with a job similar to mine.

Imagine a car mirror factory; Everyone makes a part. One guy might make the plastic shell, another polish and cut the glass, another to wire in a power joint, and another to screw in some bolts. That's what a game developer is: Another part of the machine just building something to be used.

Only "Indie" games are the old hand made style of video games. You can play a indie game and truly say "This is a 'John Smith's game' or say "This is a Adam Plonski" game. But once you get to the triple AAA crowd? People are just parts of a machine, doing their part. Mind you, it is a lot better then working in a car factory, in many ways, but it's a factory of a different sense.

Go read up on why shovelware is made: It sheds some light on the issue very clearly.

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

This week, my game idea can be summed up in two words. TUCKERS. KOBOLDS.
In glorious ASCII. Oh yeah~

Fun LGBT stories

I had sex with a self proclaimed "lesbian" one time. I suppose that makes her bisexual then. Another time, when drinking heavily in Kawaguchi Saitama, I met these two japanese girls who started to kiss each other over and over again. Pretty exciting actually.

Other then that, let me see; I once knew this one rich boy that was gay, and he personally made me think of most gay people like that as perverted trash due to it. Meh, my experiances with the entire sub-culture is pretty minimal.

[RMVX ACE] Bleach RPG Game [Writer, Scripter, Programmer, sprites]

The same japanese government scholarship that only takes 83 people a year?

Are you serious? I've been applying for that visa for 4 years, as well as a standard work visa in Japan, after already holding a job there. It's not as easy as you think.

Also, if you got the money for the license to bleach, I would like some of that money please~ *wink* *wink*

That being said, good luck on your fan game. But that's all it will be: A fan game.